• Time

    61 Minutes

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  • “I learned so much about Photoshop in just one hour! Ashley did a great job explaining each step of the process while allowing me to personalize my work with my own creativity.” - Cortney M., Class Student

    Digital illustrations are all the rage and they’ve become a favorite part of our social feeds. Whether it’s a cute design or uplifting quote, who doesn’t love a great illustration?

    Learn how to design your own eye-catching illustrations with artist Ashley Mary. In her class, she'll show you her process for creating whimsical designs in Photoshop. You'll start with the basic tools, advance to image tracing, and finally, sketch a design by freehand.


    • Create digital illustrations using three different techniques.
    • Understand and use layers (one of the most important parts of Photoshop).
    • Adjust and optimize colors to pop in your social feed.

    Plus, you’ll get access to Ashley’s social media tips for creating eye-catching designs. You’ll learn about color, formatting for Instagram, how to use lettering in an illustration, and more!

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    Psst! Ashley has over 31,000 Instagram followers! Check out more of her awesome digital illustrations below.


    • INTRODUCTION: Learn more about your instructor, Ashley, and what you’ll be learning in this design class.
    • SUPPLIES: Get an overview of all the tools you’ll need, including why Ashley prefers using a digital tablet and pen.
    • WHERE TO FIND INSPIRATION: In this lesson, you'll learn where to go to find inspiration. Start by looking for colors, shapes, and textures that you like.
    • CONE 1: BASICS OF ILLUSTRATION IN PHOTOSHOP: Using basic shapes, you’ll learn how to create an ice cream cone using various tools in Photoshop.
    • CONE 2: TRACING IN PHOTOSHOP: Using an image, you’ll learn how to trace the outline of an object and adjust its color in this lesson.
    • CONE 3: DESIGNING BY FREEHAND IN PHOTOSHOP: This is where a digital tablet and pen tool comes in handy! Learn how to design by freehand and use brushes to add textures.
    • DIGITIZING LETTERING IN PHOTOSHOP: In this lesson, Ashley will show you how you can use your own hand lettering in digital designs.
    • ARRANGING YOUR DESIGN: It’s time to put it all together! Learn design principles in this lesson that will help you make sure you have a balanced layout.
    • ADJUSTING COLOR: Let’s get colorful! You’ll play around with the Hue/Saturation tool to find the perfect color combos for your design.
    • EXPORTING FOR SOCIAL: Share your work! In this lesson, Ashley will share the best format for saving your designs for Instagram.
    • FINAL REMARKS: You've learned the skills! Now you can design all kinds of eye-catching illustrations for your Instagram feed. Happy designing!

    • A computer installed with Adobe Photoshop
    • A digital tablet and pen tool (optional, but highly recommended)
    • A smartphone (to scan in a photo)
    • The 6-page course workbook

    You can find the Adobe Photoshop files and the workbook in your course downloads after you enroll in the class.


    • A pattern file you can upload to Photoshop
    • An image file you can upload to Photoshop
    • An example of a mood board from Ashley


    • A welcome note from Ashley
    • A link to purchase a few Photoshop brushes
    • Two pages of social media tips
    • Questions to help you create mood board

About the Instructor

Ashley Mary

Ashley Mary

Ashley Mary is an abstract artist and illustrator living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She works in a variety of mediums, including paint, paper and gouache, and digital. It’s easy to recognize her work - It’s a combination of colors and shapes used in a playful and whimsical way. Her eye-catching designs are on phone cases (in Target!), stationery, accessories, and more!

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