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  • “This online class was so much fun and the video instruction made it so easy to follow along. I am already having such a blast making my own projects for friends and family!” - Brittany T., Class Student

    Hey, pet lover! If you’re obsessed with your fur baby as much as we are, then this is the perfect design class for you. In this course, you’ll learn how to turn your favorite pet photo into a digital illustration.

    Pro illustrator Kristin Berry is here to share her step-by-step process with you. In her class, you'll learn how to master the Pen Tool and Layers in Adobe Illustrator. At the end of this class, you'll be able to use your fur baby's illustration on all kinds of things. From online outlets like Instagram to offline surfaces like a coffee mug or phone case. The possibilities are endless! Because who doesn't want to put their pet on everything!?


    • Take a new photo of your pet with your smartphone or upload an old photo of your pet into Adobe Illustrator.
    • Use layers and the Pen Tool to build your pet illustration piece-by-piece.
    • Add depth and dimension to your pet illustration by adding in highlights, shadows, and other fine details.
    • Clean up edges and get your digital illustration ready for use both online and offline.

    BONUS: Digital pet illustrations make the BEST gifts for all those fur baby parents out there! Try creating adorable prints for the holidays or as a sweet addition to a baby room.

    Ready to learn how to digitize pet photos? Enroll in our Digital Illustration for Social Media online class today!


    • INTRODUCTION: Learn more about your instructor, Kristin, and what you’ll be learning in her design class.
    • SUPPLIES: Get a quick overview of all the supplies and programs you’ll need to take this class.
    • PHOTOGRAPHING YOUR PET: In this lesson, you'll learn tips on how to keep your pet still and take the best reference photo for this class.
    • SETTING UP YOUR ILLUSTRATION WORKSPACE: Now it's time to jump into Adobe Illustrator. Kristin will walk you through how to setup your artboard, import your photo in this lesson.
    • DRAWING THE FIRST LAYER: Kristin will show you how to select a layer using the Pen Tool in Adobe Illustrator. You'll also learn why it's important to use layers when designing illustrators
    • CREATING YOUR BASE LAYER: Starting with the largest layer, you'll start to outline and fill-in layers in this lesson.
    • CREATING DETAILS WITH LAYERS: After you have your pet's face layers complete, Kristin will show you how to add in details to make your illustration come to life.
    • FINISHING THE BODY: In this lesson, you'll use all the skills you learned to layer out your pet's body.
    • REFINING COLORS + ADJUSTING SHAPES: Now it's time to clean up your illustration. You'll learn how to smooth out layers and adjust colors to complete your final design.
    • SAVING AND EXPORTING: In this lesson, Kristin will teach you how to save your file for use both online and as a print to use offline.
    • FINAL REMARKS: You've learned the skills! Now you can create all kinds of playful pet illustrations. Happy designing!

    • A computer installed with Adobe Illustrator
    • A smartphone (to take a photo of your pet)
    • A few photos you’d want to convert into digital illustrations

    Don’t have Adobe Illustrator yet? You can download a free trial for 7 days HERE.


    • An image file you can upload to Illustrator (for practice)


    • A welcome note from Kristin
    • Helpful shortcuts when using Adobe Illustrator
    • A reference photo for your final project
    • Inspirational illustrations from Kirstin's Instagram account

About the Instructor

Kristin Berry Mastoras

Kristin Berry Mastoras

Kristin is the owner, creative director, and CEO of Miss Design Berry, Inc. With a background in illustration and art direction, as well as building a million dollar Etsy store, Kristin now enjoys helping other business owners realize their own creative dreams through design tutorials and consulting.

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