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    87 Minutes

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  • Are you tired of your brush pen lettering looking the same? Do you want to jazz it up a bit? Let’s add some extra oomph to your lettering with embellishments! In this jam-packed class, you’ll learn ten (yes, ten!) fun embellishing techniques that you can start using today.

    All the techniques you'll learn in this class are Brittany's faves. They're easy to learn and will definitely make your lettering for interesting and fun.

    Not an advanced letterer? Not to worry, you can still take this class. Brittany will also review lettering basics, including how to hold a pen, proper strokes, forming the alphabet, and more!


    • Tie-dye
    • Galaxy lettering
    • Stippling
    • Palette blending
    • Outlining
    • Faux-watercolor
    • Brush tip blending
    • Plaid patterns
    • Layered blending
    • Shadowing

    So what are you waiting for? Enroll in our Embellishing Techniques with Brush Pens online class today.

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    • INTRODUCTION: Say hello to your instructor, Brittany, and find out what you’ll be learning in her brush lettering class.
    • SUPPLIES OVERVIEW: In this lesson, Brittany will go over the supplies you'll need to complete her class.
    • LETTERING BASICS REFRESHER: Get your pens ready! In this lesson, you'll go over the basics lettering strokes to refresh your memory.
    • BASIC ALPHABET LETTERING: Next, you'll cover how to letter the alphabet to prepare you for embellishing.
    • BASICS OF COLOR THEORY: Brittany will teach you how to think about mixing colors in this lesson.
    • BLENDING + LAYERING TECHNIQUES: It's time to blend colors! In this lesson, you'll learn three techniques to create beautiful brush lettering.
    • OUTLINING + SHADOWING TECHNIQUES: Now let's add depth to your letters. Brittany will show you various ways to outline and add shadow to make your letters pop!
    • WATERCOLOR TECHNIQUES: Get your paint brush ready! You'll learn three different watercolor embellishing techniques in this lesson.
    • PATTERNED LETTERING TECHNIQUES: Learn two different ways that you can add patterns to your lettering in this lesson.
    • FINAL PROJECT: You've got all the techniques! Now you'll use a few of them to create your final project!
    • FINAL REMARKS: Great job! Now just keep practicing your new brush lettering embellishing techniques.
  • All you need to take this class are a few supplies and the 16-page course workbook created by Brittany.



    • A Welcome Note From Brittany
    • A List of Supplies
    • Lettering Terminology Refresher
    • Basic Lettering Strokes Refresher
    • Alphabet Practice Sheets
    • Color Wheel
    • Blending + Layer Technique Examples
    • Outlining + Shadowing Examples
    • Watercolor Technique Examples
    • Patterned Lettering Examples
    • Final Project Example

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About the Instructor

Brittany Luiz x Tombow USA

Brittany Luiz x Tombow USA

Brittany is a lettering artist and Social Media & Content Manager for Tombow USA. When she's not working, you can find her running her own lettering website. It's here where she shares her tips, tricks, and resources for lettering lovers alike. She's also the author of Lettering With Purpose, a book to help you develop your own artistic alphabet. And if that's not enough, Brittany is also the co-founder of The Letter Lovelies. This online lettering community focuses on encouraging letterers through uplifting advice.