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  • Fake smiles are no good! And when it comes to snapping family moments, you want to take the best photos possible. But it’s so hard when your little ones are not so thrilled about taking photos.

    Good things there’s a class for that! In this photography course, you’re going to learn all kinds of tips and tricks for getting your kiddos to smile without having them say ‘cheese!’ Your instructor, pro photographer Angie Monson, will share her tactics for shooting photos of children to get the best possible shot. You’ll also learn a few of her tips for editing photos to get them ready to share online or to print and frame.


    • Take stunning photos both indoors and outdoors by adjusting the three most important settings on your camera.
    • Shoot different types of shots for a boy and a girl. You’ll use different light amounts, poses, and props to get the best shot possible.
    • Take similar photos on your smartphone using some of Angie’s tips on camera adjustments, the rule of thirds, finding your focal point, and more!

    Ready to learn how to snap professional-looking family photos? Enroll in our Family Photography: Capturing Your Little Ones online class today!

    Check out a few more amazing photos from Angie below.


    • INTRODUCTION: Learn more about your instructor, Angie, and what you’ll be learning in her photography class.
    • SUPPLIES: In this lesson, Angie will go over different types of cameras and gear you’ll need to take her class.
    • CAMERA SETTINGS: Learn about ISO, Shutter Speed, and Aperture, and how to adjust those settings on your camera.
    • LIGHTING: Angie will teach you the basics of working with natural light to get professional looking photos.
    • WORKING WITH KIDS: Don’t ever ask your kid to smile! In this lesson, Angie will give you her tips and tricks for getting natural smiles and reactions from your children.
    • TYPES OF SHOTS - INDOORS: You’ve got the basics. Now let’s practice shooting photos indoors.
    • TYPES OF SHOTS - OUTDOORS: In this lesson, you’ll take it outside to practice shooting your children in an outdoor environment.
    • SHOOTING WITH A SMARTPHONE: Don’t have a DSLR? Don’t worry! In this lesson, you’ll learn Angie’s tips for taking great photos on your phone.
    • REVIEWING EDITED IMAGES: Take some time to select photos your loved. Then, Angie’s going to share her tips for editing these photos in Adobe Lightroom.
    • FINAL REMARKS: You've learned the skills! Now you can take all kinds of beautiful candid photos of your kiddos and family!

    • A DSLR Camera
    • A Smartphone
    • A laptop with Adobe Lightroom installed

    Don’t have Adobe Lightroom yet? You can download a free trial for 7 days HERE.


    • A list of recommended supplies
    • DSLR photography terms
    • A camera settings guide
    • Helpful shooting and editing tips
    • Tips for shooting with smartphone
    • Tips for working with kids
    • Before and after images after editing

About the Instructor

Angie Monson

Angie Monson

Angie is a portrait photographer located in Salt Lake City, UT. She’s started her photography business, Simplicity Photography, in 2005 as a way to make a living doing what she loves. Her specialty is capturing natural family and children photography.