• Time

    52 Minutes

  • Skill Level



  • You can purchase this class as part of our Lettering Lover Bundle along with two other classes for $61 (valued at $87).

    In this class, you’ll learn how to:

    • Turn your everyday handwriting into a calligraphy style unique to you
    • Use basic strokes and movements to connect letters and make words
    • Transfer your finished designs onto various surfaces (like a mug!) to make fancy gifts

    Master calligraphy without the ink or nibs! With just a Sharpie, you’ll learn how to turn everyday handwriting into fancy calligraphy. In Alyssa’s class, you'll learn the basic strokes to complete the alphabet. She'll then teach you how to connect letters to make words and phrases. Finally, you’ll sketch out a design that you can transfer to various surfaces. You’ll walk away from Alyssa’s class with a riveting DIY coffee mug and a unique lettering style!

    • Introduction
    • Supplies Overview
    • Basic Strokes + Warm Up
    • Letters + Words
    • Thickening The Downstroke
    • Components of Style
    • Adding Embellishments
    • Final Project - On Paper
    • Final Project - Transferring To Object
    • Final Remarks
  • All you need to take this course are the supplies listed below and the class worksheets prepared by Alyssa that are available for download after purchase.



    • Practice Alphabet Print Out
    • Alphabet With Stroke Guide
    • Alphabet With Skeleton Outline
    • Components of Style Print Out
    • Flourishes + Laurels Print Out
    • Grid Print Out
    • Back Strokes + Warm Up Print Out
    • Final Design Example

About the Instructor

Alyssa Thiel

Alyssa Thiel

Alyssa is the owner and designer behind PBC Home. She started her home decor shop after getting married and moving into her first home. It was there that she fell in love with all things home decor. And of course, a simple sofa pillow looks SO much prettier with a hand-lettered design on it! As such, Alyssa turned a simple pen-to-paper skill into a business. Today, she’s creating hand lettered products on the daily. And on just about any surface or object that her customers can dream up!