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    25 Minutes

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  • In this 25 minute class, you’ll learn to source, prep, and arrange swoon-worthy floral bouquets and centerpieces. Trust us, you’re a flower arranging pro… you just don’t know it yet.

    Floral design is both an art and a science. Thanks to the expert knowledge from flower arranging gurus Christina and Rhiannon, you’ll learn to make simple, beautiful arrangements fast. They’ll walk you through the basics of floral design, and the technical tricks of flower arranging and conditioning. You’ll also learn the underpinnings of great floral design including color, symmetry, composition and design. Don’t miss their must-try tips for prolonging the life of your flowers with pre-arranging treatments.

    Oh, by the way, once you purchase the class, we’ll send a confirmation with a link to watch the class. Your access never expires, and you can continue to access the class from the email link or from your Orders page.

    • Supplies Overview
    • Sourcing + Selecting Flowers
    • Flower Prep
    • Bouquet Building
    • Bouquet Wrapping
    • Quick Switch: Bouquet to Centerpiece
    • Tips + Tricks
  • All you need to take this course are the supplies listed below and the class worksheets prepared by Christina & Rhiannon that are available for download after purchase.



    • Recommended Flowers to Buy
    • Flower Arranging Basics

About the Instructor

Christina & Rhiannon

Christina & Rhiannon

Christina Stembel and Rhiannon Smith are floral designers at Farmgirl Flowers in San Francisco, CA. At Farmgirl, they create beautiful, sustainable flower arrangements on a daily basis. We’re talking about some seriously swoon-worthy bouquets, you guys. Just head to their Instagram profile for proof, where they chronicle their latest floral creations. Now you can learn to DIY your own hand-tied bouquet (and more!) with Christina and Rhiannon’s help!

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