• Time

    45 Minutes

  • Skill Level



  • In this interactive class, you're going to learn the basics of shooting and editing a short video. And don't worry, you won't need fancy equipment to get the job done. You can create amazing videos with just your iPhone and the iMovie app!

    We’ve got professional videographer Susan Roderick here to lead the way. In her class, she’ll cover everything you need to get started. This includes learning how to prepare your phone for shooting video and a quick overview of extra supplies that Susan loves to use. Then, during three practice video shoots, you’ll learn how to frame and compose interesting shots and shoot footage that makes for compelling transitions. And last, but not least, you’ll wrap it all up by learning how to edit your footage in iMovie.


    • Use a script to create a narrative (and a voice-over) for your video
    • Set up different types of shots (wide, medium, and close), find creative angles and take B-roll footage
    • Slice your footage in iMovie to create a compelling visual story
    • Add music, transitions, filters and more to your final video with iMovie

    So, are you ready to start capturing video in ways that go WAY beyond Snapchat? Then let's get shooting! Enroll in this beginner-friendly videography class today!

    iMovie is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc. Neither the class offered, the instructors presenting the materials, nor Brit + Co are in any way affiliated with, sponsored by, or endorsed by Apple, Inc.

    • Introduction
    • How To Prepare Your iPhone
    • How To Tell A Story
    • How To Shoot (Take Your Opening Shot)
    • Practice Shoot: Story One - Yoga
    • Practice Shoot: Story Two - Pizza
    • Practice Shoot: Story Three - Photography
    • How To Edit In iMovie
    • Record Voice Over In iMovie
    • Creative Effects in iMovie
    • Final Words
  • All you need to take this class is an iPhone installed with iMovie and the 11-page class workbook prepared by Susan.


    • iPhone
    • iMovie App

    Don’t have iMovie yet? Download it hereIt's FREE with an iPhone 6 or later!


    • A list of Susan’s favorite supplies and bonus tools
    • A list of iPhone video gear to take your filmmaking up a notch
    • A proven script template (and shot list) for film subject introductions
    • Susan's filmmaking and storytelling tips (great for beginners!)

About the Instructor

Susan Roderick

Susan Roderick

Susan is a global videographer, photographer and editor. She currently works as the creative director for the number one iOS video app, FiLMiC Pro. As a freelance videographer she loves to make promotional videos for other artists. She became a recognized personality in the photography community after 5 years as the host of the online education network, CreativeLive. Through photography, video, writing and teaching, her mission is to inspire others to live out their creative dreams.