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    46 Minutes

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  • Wondering which photo editing apps you should be using and how to get the most out of them? There’s a class for that! In this course, you'll learn how a pro photographer uses 5 of the leading apps to edit photos on her phone.

    Your instructor, Nanette, will walk you through her process for editing and enhancing photos with the popular apps VSCO Cam, Snapseed, Polarr, A Color Story, and Priime. She’ll share the powerful techniques she uses on her own photos and explain what she’s doing and why. Each app is unique, so you’ll learn the differences between them and how to choose one that works best for your own style. If you want to transform your photos like a seasoned pro, this is the class for you!


    • Enhance photos like a pro on five different editing apps (and they’re all FREE!).
    • Go beyond just using filters to really create a professional look that isn’t cookie cutter.
    • Choose the right app and define a workflow that works for your own personal style.

    STUDENT PERK: Class students get access to 10 FREE prints thanks to our friends at Mixbook! You'll find a promo code in your class downloads. Available only for a limited time!

    Ready to get started? Enroll in our How To Use Photo Editing Apps Like A Pro online class today.


    • INTRODUCTION Learn more about your instructor, Nanette, and what you’ll be learning in her class.
    • EDITING OVERVIEW + WORKFLOW In this lesson, you'll review a few editing terms and how to start organizing your photos in your phone.
    • SNAPSEED Want to know why Nanette loves Snapseed? In this lesson, you'll learn about this robust app that's great for fine tuning photos.
    • POLARR Ready to learn Polarr? It's basically a free Adobe Lightroom for your phone.
    • VSCO CAM Everyone loves VSCO! In this lesson, Nanette's going to share some of her fave filters and edit functions.
    • PRIIME Nanette's favorite thing about Priime is the filters! They're all designed by professional photographers.
    • ADVANCED COLOR EDITING Ready to learn a few advanced color editing tips? In this lesson, Nanette will show you different ways to edit color in a photo.
    • FINAL REMARKS You've got a few beautiful photos! Now go share them with the world and hear more about how you can continue to edit photos like a pro.
  • All you need to take this course is a a few photo editing apps (all FREE!), a couple of photos you’ve taken, and the 10-page class workbook prepared by Nanette.


    • Snapseed App
    • Polarr App
    • VSCO Cam App
    • A Color Story App
    • Priime App (iOS only)


    • Welcome Message from Nanette
    • Smartphone Editing Apps Overview
    • Photography Terms
    • Before + After Photos on Snapseed App
    • Before + After Photos on Polarr App
    • Before + After Photos on VSCO Cam App
    • Before + After Photos on A Color Story App
    • Before + After Photos on Priime App
    • Advanced Color Editing in Polarr App

About the Instructor

Nanette Wong

Nanette Wong

Nanette is a social media marketer by day and a freelance photographer by night (and weekends!). She never suspected that after picking up her first DSLR camera five years ago that it would turn into a career. Today, Nanette specializes in lifestyle photography and enjoys teaching others to how to kill it on social media with beautiful photos.