• Time

    100 min

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  • You can purchase this class as part of our Creative Designer Bundle along with two other classes for $82 (valued at $117).

    Learn how to create a professional presentation slide deck in Adobe InDesign. In this class, Khara will teach you how to start designing in this fun, creative layout software. You’ll learn how to set up a doc, getting insider design tips on how to add and edit images and text, and save in a proper format that is ready to be used online or in print. And don’t stop there! You now have the skills to create all sorts of visual documents. You can design a resume, marketing collateral, brochures, calendars, stationery and more!


    • Create any type of visual document and adjust settings in InDesign
    • Place and edit images and font to create engaging and attention-getting designs
    • Save, package and export high-quality documents to be used online or in print

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    Adobe InDesign is a registered trademark of Adobe, Inc. Neither the class offered, the instructors presenting the materials, nor Brit + Co are in any way affiliated with, sponsored by, or endorsed by Adobe, Inc.


    • Introduction
    • Supplies Overview
    • InDesign Intro + Project Overview
    • Recommended Software Preference Tweaks
    • New Document Setup
    • Placing Images
    • Adjusting + Editing Images
    • Understanding The Links Panel
    • Advanced Image Placement: Instant Grids
    • Working With Color
    • Type: Slide #1
    • Type: Slide #2
    • Type: Slide #3
    • Master Pages
    • Saving + Output
    • Final Remarks
  • All you need to complete this course are a computer with Adobe InDesign installed and a few files created by Khara that you can access in your course downloads.


    • Examples of Documents You Can Create
    • InDesign Keyboard Shortcuts
    • Project Font Downloads

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About the Instructor

Khara Plicanic

Khara Plicanic

Khara is a professional photographer, designer and author from Nebraska. With a love for teaching, she’s been inspiring creatives around the globe for more than a decade. When she’s not working, Khara is busy plotting her next adventure. This includes running a half-marathon, completing a cross-country bicycle ride and conquering motherhood!

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