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    85 Minutes

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  • “I really enjoyed Valerie's class! She shows amazing tricks and explains very clearly all the steps. She even answered questions I had via her Instagram account!” - Martina K., Class Student

    In this course, you'll learn how to create chalk illustrations with chalk artist Valerie McKeehan. Her designs look intricate and complex, but anyone can learn to illustrate with chalk!

    Valerie will start by teaching you basic design principles, then move on to drawing flowers and adding depth to designs with special chalk techniques. In each lesson, she'll reveal more of her chalk illustration tips and tricks picked up from years of working with chalk.


    • Apply design principles to plan a balanced and cohesive illustration.
    • Sketch three multidimensional flowers that have texture and depth.
    • Add focal points and floral fillers to create a complete piece of chalk art.

    Ready to get chalky? Enroll in our Intro To Chalk Illustration online class today! You can even pair it with Valerie’s first course, Intro To Chalk Lettering, to learn even more chalk art techniques.


    • INTRODUCTION: Learn more about your instructor, Valerie, and what you’ll be learning in her class.
    • SUPPLIES OVERVIEW: Valerie will go over the supplies you'll need to take her class as well as how to prep your chalkboard.
    • THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW: Learn how contrast and subtle elements are key to great chalk illustration design.
    • ILLUSTRATING FLOWER 1 - AN ANEMONE: Learn how to draw an anemone flower, which will be used in your final project later on.
    • ILLUSTRATING FLOWER 2 - A ROSE: Next, you'll learn how to draw a rose, which will also be used in your final project.
    • GREENERY + LOOSE FLORALS: In this lesson, Valerie will show you how to draw leaves and greenery to use as filler in your final project.
    • PUTTING IT TOGETHER: Now that you know the basics of floral chalk illustration, Valerie will teach you how to map out a hand drawn piece.
    • DRAWING THE FINAL PIECE: Time to put your skills to work by illustrating a beautiful floral illustration.
    • CREATING BALANCE: Let's put in the final touches! In this lesson, Valerie will show you how to add filler to complete your design.
    • FINAL REMARKS: You've learned the skills! Now, take the principles you've learned and apply it to all your illustration projects!
  • All you need to take this class are a few supplies and the 11-page course workbook created by Valerie.



    • A Welcome Note From Valerie
    • A List of Supplies
    • The Final Project - Sketch
    • The Final Project - Final
    • Inspiration To Continue

    Need an extra resource? Check out Valerie's book, The Complete Book of Chalk Lettering: Create and Develop Your Own Style, for more chalk lettering lessons and projects!

About the Instructor

Valerie McKeehan

Valerie McKeehan

Valerie is the author of the best-selling The Complete Book of Chalk Lettering The Complete Book of Chalk Lettering. She started her chalk art company, Lily & Val, after creating a whimsical design for her kitchen. And that’s all it took—she was hooked! Today, her illustrated products are sold in various stores world-wide. Her work has been featured in publications like Martha Stewart Living, The Knot, Good Housekeeping, and more!

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