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    65 Minutes

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  • With those bold colors, this class is going to be a game changer for you! With the creative skills you’ll learn in this course, you’ll be able to add extra oomph to all kinds of handmade signs. For the kiddo’s birthday, a bachelorette party, a quote board, and more!

    Your instructor, Kasey, has created colorful backdrops for major award shows and brands like TOMs and Nivea. She’s going to take those creative skills and teach it to you on a smaller scale. Your final project will be a fun piece of pop art on a chalkboard using chalk pens.


    • Use stencils (pre-designed!) to help you transfer your mockup onto a chalkboard.
    • Outline your illustrations and layer on color using different chalk ink pens.
    • Use white ink to add a shine effect and black ink to make your design pop.

    Ready to get chalking? Enroll in our Intro To Chalk Ink Art online class today.

    For more inspiration, check out a few of Kasey's colorful chalk ink designs below.


    • INTRODUCTION Learn more about your instructor, Kasey, and what you’ll be learning in her class.
    • SUPPLIES OVERVIEW In this lesson, Kasey will go over the supplies you'll need to complete the class.
    • FINDING INSPIRATION Learn more about where your teacher goes to find inspiration and how you can come up with your own.
    • STENCILS Get your stencils ready! In this lesson, you'll learn how set your stencils and trace your design onto a chalkboard.
    • CHALK MARKER BASICS Let's start chalking! In this lesson, you'll learn about various chalk ink pens and how to use them.
    • COLOR BLENDING Blending helps your artwork come to life! In this lesson, you'll learn how to layer colors and blend using both chalk pens and a paint brush.
    • MAKING ART POP WITH BLACK INK Now it's time for the details. Kasey will show you how to use black ink to make your project pop.
    • DISPLAYING YOUR PROJECT You did it! Now it's time to display! In this lesson, Kasey will give you a few suggestions for showing off your artwork.
    • FINAL REMARKS You've learned the skills! Now hear more tips and tricks from Kasey on how you can continue using chalk ink on future projects.
  • All you need to take this class are a few supplies, the design print out, and the 12-page class workbook prepared by Kasey.



    • Welcome Message from Kasey
    • A List of Supplies (+ Colors Used)
    • Finding Inspiration + Creating Stencils
    • How To Make A Chalkboard At Home
    • Chalk Marker Basics/li>
    • Adding Ink To Board: Base + Layering
    • Details + Embellishments
    • Outlining Your Art With Black
    • Displaying Your Art

About the Instructor

Kasey Blaustein

Kasey Blaustein

Kasey is the founder of Kasey Jones, Ink, a one-stop shop for branded experiences and custom art. She’s worked with brands like TOMS, Gap, JustFab and more to create chalk ink designs for all kinds of events. This includes custom photo booth backdrops, large art installations, and everything in between. When she’s not working on a brand collab, you can find Kasey catching up with girlfriends on a hike or over a latte.

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