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  • You’re about to make all your Disney character dreams come true! With this class, you’ll get to spend just under an hour with the uber talented Victoria Ying, who has created memorable characters for Disney and Pixar.

    In Intro To Character Illustration, Victoria is going to teach you how to sketch and digitize your own character and use Adobe Photoshop to bring it to life. By the end of this class, you’ll have all the creative skills to design your very first illustrated character: A Hipster Cat.


    • Sketch a whimsical character and give her a personality of her own
    • Transfer your drawings into Photoshop and prepare them for digital touchups
    • Add color, shadows and highlights to bring your character to life in Photoshop

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    Need more inspo? Check out a few of Victoria's character designs below:

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    • INTRODUCTION Learn more about your instructor, Victoria, and what you’ll be learning in her class.
    • SUPPLIES OVERVIEW Victoria will go over the basic supplies you need to take her class.
    • SKETCHING In this lesson, you'll learn the basics of sketching a character and make a rough sketch of a hip kitty design.
    • PREPARING TO PAINT Learn how to transfer your sketch into Photoshop and prepare your document to add color.
    • ADDING A SILHOUETTE In this lesson, you'll learn how to fill in a silhouette of your character in Photoshop using the brush tool.
    • ADDING FLAT COLOR Next, you'll learn how to add color to your character's accessories and features.
    • ADDING SHADOWS In this lesson, Victoria will teach you how to add shadows to your character to bring it to life.
    • ADDING HIGHLIGHTS Next, you'll learn how to add highlights to your character.
    • FINISHING TOUCHES Almost done! Victoria will walk you through how to add the final touches, like glasses and a bow, to your character.
    • SAVING YOUR CHARACTER Now that your character is all done, learn how to save the final document to post to the web or print in this lesson.
    • FINAL REMARKS Learn all Victoria's tips and tricks to continue creating fun illustrated characters!
  • All you need to take this class is a computer installed with Adobe Photoshop, a few supplies and the 6-page workbook created by Victoria (included in your class downloads!).



    • Class Project Final Design (PSD file)
    • Character Sketch (For Reference)
    • 3D Shapes
    • Bonus Characters (For Reference)


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About the Instructor

Victoria Ying

Victoria Ying

Victoria is an author and illustrator who grew up in Southern California with the sun and surf. She started her career in the arts by falling in love with comic books. This eventually turned into a career working in animation for both Disney and Pixar. Oh, by the way, her film credits include Tangled, Frozen, Paperman and Big Hero 6, just to name a few!

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