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    80 Minutes

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  • “Molly's class was wonderful! She's a great teacher and walks you through every step of the process. I absolutely recommend this fun course!” - Lydia W.

    Have you been curious about lettering with your iPad? Going digital makes it so easy to practice your letters and edit your designs. It's also more convenient to just carry your iPad instead of your whole studio kit.

    In our Intro to iPad Lettering class, you'll learn how to use the iPad and the Procreate app to create beautiful hand lettering. Your instructor will be professional lettering artist and designer Molly Jacques. She's going to help you take your digital lettering to the next level with the techniques, tips, and tricks she's learned over countless hours as a lettering professional. Molly's going to show you how to navigate Procreate, take advantage of digital features like layers, make your own brushes, and so much more! Plus she's even created a custom brush to get you started.

    Curious if you need an iPad or Apple Pencil? Check out our class FAQs HERE.


    • Take advantage of all the features and settings in the Procreate app.
    • Efficiently practice your digital lettering with the help of Molly's lettering guides.
    • Create, adjust, and save your own custom digital brushes.
    • Apply Molly’s tips and shortcuts to make designing in the Procreate app super easy.

    So let’s get to it! Enroll in our Intro To iPad Lettering online class today.

    Check out a few Procreate brushes that Molly created below.


    • INTRODUCTION Learn more about your instructor, Molly, and what you’ll be learning in her class.
    • SUPPLIES OVERVIEW Molly will go over the basic tech supplies you'll need to take her class.
    • PROCREATE APP OVERVIEW In this lesson, you'll get a tutorial on how you use the main interface of the Procreate app.
    • CREATING CUSTOM BRUSHES Time to get creative! You'll learn how to create your own custom brushes in this lesson.
    • PRACTICE LETTERING Using Molly's lettering guides, she'll show you how to practice strokes on an iPad.
    • INSPIRATION Before we get to the final project, in this lesson, Molly's going to show you where she draws inspiration from.
    • FINAL PROJECT: ROUGH SKETCH Time to get started on the class project! First things first - start with a rough sketch of your design.
    • FINAL PROJECT: FINALIZING In this lesson, you'll learn Molly's tips and tricks to take your rough sketch to a final design.
    • EXTRAS Learn how to easily pull in textures and brushes to make unique designs. Molly will also show you how to save time-lapse videos of your digital projects.
    • FINAL REMARKS Hooray! You now have a beautiful design that you can recreate with your own photo! Now it's time to keep practicing to create all kinds is digital designs on your iPad.
  • All you need to take this class are a few tech supplies, Procreate class downloads, and the 12-page class workbook prepared by Molly.


    Do you have questions about the class supplies? Check out our class FAQs HERE.


    • Exclusive 7-Page Class Workbook
    • Lettering Guides
    • Inspiration
    • Custom Procreate Brushes (Made by Molly!)
    • Final Project (For Reference)

About the Instructor

Molly Jacques

Molly Jacques

Molly is a hand lettering artist and type designer who’s worked with some of the best brands around, including Nike, Entertainment Weekly, and Disney Books, just to name a few. When she’s not working on brand collaborations, you can find Molly sharing her expertise with beginners through online classes.