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    49 Minutes

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  • For a limited time: Get a FREE Santa Sloucher Hat knitting pattern from Vickie. It will be included in your course downloads once you enroll. Happy handmade holidays!

    Get ready to make two staple knitted pieces: a wear-everywhere beanie and coordinating infinity scarf! All you need is some direction from your awesome instructor, Vickie, and her easy to follow patterns (included in your class workbook).

    In this class, Vickie will make knitting wearable items super easy. Following her step-by-step instruction, you’ll learn how to cast-on, knit, purl, and bind off. And don’t worry, you’ll understand what all of that means soon! After you’ve learned the basics, you’ll combine those skills to create coordinated wearables for your wardrobe.


    • Combine knit and purl stitches to create the versatile rib stitch used to make an infinity scarf and beanie
    • Change yarn colors so you can make all sorts of colorful pieces
    • Seam pieces and weave in ends for finished projects
    • Knit both flat pieces on straight needles, and projects in-the-round on circular needles

    So what are you waiting for? Enroll today and get ready to make a cozy knitted scarf and hat set. In just under an hour, you’ll have all the skills you’ll need to create all sorts of knitted wearables!


    • INTRODUCTION: Learn more about your instructor, Vickie, and what you’ll be learning in her class.
    • SUPPLIES OVERVIEW: Vickie will go over the basic supplies you need to complete your class project.
    • HOW TO CAST ON, KNIT + PURL: In this lesson, you'll learn how to cast on your yarn and the knit and purl stitch.
    • GETTING STARTED ON THE SCARF: Using the skills you just learned, you'll get started on the stitches to start creating your scarf in this lesson.
    • CHANGING COLORS: Let's mix it up! In this lesson, Vickie will show you how to add new colors into the scarf.
    • BINDING OFF IN RIB STITCH: Now that your scarf is almost complete, let's learn how to bind off in rib stitch.
    • FINISHING THE INFINITY SCARF: Time for finishing touches. In this lesson, you'll learn how to seam the scarf together and weave in ends to finish your project.
    • GETTING STARTED ON THE BEANIE: Now let's get started on your beanie! Vickie will show you how to use round needles to stitch.
    • FINISHING THE BEANIE: In this lesson, you'll learn how to close the beanie top and weave in the ends to finish your project.
    • ADDING A POM POM: Let's add a cute finishing touch to your beanie! Learn how to create a pom pom and bind it to your hat.
    • FINAL WORDS: Learn all Vickie's tips and tricks to continue your knitting adventures!
  • All you need to take this course are the supplies listed below and the 13-page class workbook created by Vickie (included in your class downloads).




    • Tips For New Knitters
    • How To Read A Yarn Ball
    • Directs To Make A Stripy Circle Scarf
    • Directs To Make A Beanie
    • Knitting Abbreviations
    • Web Abbreviations
    • Gauge
    • Bonus Pattern: Bandit Bib

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About the Instructor

Vickie Howell

Vickie Howell

Vickie is an award-winning knit, crochet and craft broadcaster. For over a decade - through various television shows, YouTube videos, online courses, conference tours and books - she’s had the privilege of teaching hundreds of thousands of stitchers new yarn-y skills. It’s been her mission to make DIY totally doable!

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