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  • Have you been wondering how all of those beautiful hand-lettered illustrations you’ve been seeing on Instagram are created? Well, you’re in luck! Illustrator and type designer Molly Jacques is here to teach you how you can create your own intricate illustration right from your iPad.

    In this course, you’ll learn Molly’s step-by-step process on how she creates illustrations in the Procreate app. First, she’ll walk you through the basics, as you learn tips and gesture shortcuts to make designing in the app easier. Then, she’ll walk you through lettering and illustration techniques to create your final project: A floral illustration with a fun hand-lettered message inside.


    • Use layers in the Procreate app to build your digital illustration.
    • Create a design using lettering and illustration principles on your iPad.
    • Utilize textured brushes to create shadows that add depth to your artwork.
    • Show off your final project by creating a timelapse that you can upload to Instagram.

    Ready to create an illustration that stands out from the rest? Enroll in our iPad Illustration in Procreate online class today!

    Need to brush up on iPad lettering? Take Molly's Intro To iPad Lettering online class first.


    • INTRODUCTION: Learn more about your instructor Molly, and what you can expect to learn in her iPad illustration course.
    • SUPPLIES: Get an overview of what you'll need to complete the class.
    • PROCREATE OVERVIEW: In this lesson, you'll get a quick overview of the Procreate interface, including how to adjust settings, use gesture shortcuts, and more!
    • CREATING A CUSTOM BRUSH: Learn how to make your own brush in this lesson. Molly will walk you through how to create a shape source and grain source to create a custom brush for all your design needs.
    • CONCEPTING: In this lesson, Molly will show you where she goes for inspiration when starting a new design project.
    • LETTERING IN PROCREATE: It's time to start lettering! Learn Molly's tips for hand-lettering in the Procreate app.
    • ILLUSTRATING IN PROCREATE: Now it's time to start your illustrations! In this lesson, Molly will show you more tips and tricks for illustration florals in Procreate.
    • CREATING DEPTH: Learn how to use brushes and texture effects to add more depth to your illustration in this lesson.
    • EXPORTING: You've finished your illustration! Now share it with the world. In this lesson, you'll get a quick overview of how you can export and share you design in Procreate.
    • FINAL REMARKS: You've learned the skills! Now just keep practice lettering and illustration in Procreate.

    • iPad Pro (Recommended)
    • Apple Pencil (Recommended)
    • Procreate App installed

    Note: You don't need to be proficient in the Procreate app to take this class, but this course is recommended for students who have already taken Molly's Intro To iPad Lettering course or who are already somewhat familiar with the Procreate app.


    • A welcome message from Molly
    • Guide to Procreate gestures
    • How to create a custom brush in Procreate
    • Inspiration and your final project
    • A Procreate 3-layer file to get started

About the Instructor

Molly Jacques

Molly Jacques

Molly is a hand-lettering artist and type designer from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Her work can be seen in print, on the web, and even on television. Molly has been illustrating words professionally since 2011 and has been teaching since 2012.

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