• Time

    35 Minutes

  • Skill Level



  • What you’ll learn in this class:

    • How to define your goals and keep a positive mindset
    • How to calculate the amount you need to raise
    • How to build a network for success
    • How to visualize your timeline
    • How to find customers and build your community
    • How to plan and make your product video
    • How to connect with the press and launch your concept

    In this class, you’ll learn how to raise financial support for your product idea via a crowdfunding site. Here to teach you is inventor Lisa Fetterman, who raised over $1.3M through two record-shattering Kickstarter campaigns. She’ll get you in the self-starter mentality and get you even closer to being your own boss. All you need is an original idea that needs funding!

    Kickstarter is a registered trademark of Kickstarter PBC. Neither the class offered, the instructors presenting the materials, nor Brit + Co are in any way affiliated with, sponsored by, or endorsed by Kickstarter PBC.

    • Introduction
    • Define Crowdfunding Goals
    • Calculate How Much To Raise
    • Make A Timeline For Success
    • Build Your Community
    • Plan Your Kickstarter Promo Video
    • Define Your Rewards
    • Launch Your Business
    • Final Remarks
  • All you need to take this course are the class worksheets prepared by Lisa that are available for download after purchase.


    • Various Activities
    • Resources
    • Example Press Release
    • Crowdfunding Template

About the Instructor

Lisa Fetterman

Lisa Fetterman

Lisa Fetterman is changing the way homes cook forever by creating the first home immersion circulator for sous vide cooking. Her machine, Nomiku, allows anybody to sous vide with its award-winning compact design. Although it was made specifically for the home, it is coveted by top restaurants like Saison and Noma -- and even the White House! Lisa got the company off the ground with a successful $750,000 Kickstarter campaign.

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