• Time

    70 Minutes

  • Skill Level



  • In just over 60 minutes, take your knitting skills to the next level. Learn all the basics of knitting, including how to: start a project, hold the needle, and do basic stitches. At the end of the class, you’ll be able to rock a modern snood, handknit by Y-O-U!

    Knitting can be sexy. No, really, it can. Wool and the Gang co-founder Jade Harwood is bringing knitting back, and you don’t want to miss it. In just over an hour, she’ll fill you in on all the basics of knitting. First, you’ll learn how to choose your yarn and how to hold the needle. From there, Jade will walk you through starting a project and three basic stitches. She’ll finish the class by teaching you quick and easy fixes for common problems or mistakes. At the end, you’ll have your very own knitted snood.

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    • Supplies Overview
    • How to Hold Your Needle
    • Choosing Yarn
    • Starting Your Project
    • Knit Stitch
    • Purl Stitch
    • Moss Stitch
    • Fixing Mistakes
    • How to Knit a Snood
  • Here's what you'll need to take the course:

About the Instructor

Jade Harwood

Jade Harwood

Jade Harwood’s grandmother began teaching her to knit when she was only seven years old. Not long after, she caught the design bug and went on to study textile design. That’s where she became best friends with Aurelie Popper. Jade and Aurelie went on to work at Alexander McQueen in London and then Balmain in Paris. Swoon! In 2008, they both moved to NYC where they co-founded Wool and the Gang. Six years later, you can pretty much call Jade the pioneer of make-it-yourself fashion. Both her and Aurelie took the fashion world by storm as they made this traditional craft sexy. Now Jade continues to be creative brains behind Wool and the Gang and their gorgeous designs.