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  • Tired of smudging your hand-lettered designs? Are your upstrokes always shaky? Or how about shredding your brush pen tips? These are all common lefty problems and THIS class will give you all the solutions.

    Fellow left-hander, Lauren Fitzmaurice, will teach you how your lettering can look just as good as anyone else’s with a few pro tips and tricks. In this class, Lauren will give you her solutions to six common lefty challenges. Then, you’ll use your new tips and tricks to practice on various mediums, including brush pens, chalk, calligraphy nibs and more. By the end of this class, you'll create a hand-lettered quote that’ll look ten times better than when you started!


    • Change your mindset from “lefty frustration” to positivity.
    • Use Lauren’s tips and techniques to solve the specific challenges you face as a lefty.
    • Create four different styles of hand lettering (brush calligraphy, faux calligraphy, pen calligraphy, watercolor brush pen).

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    • INTRODUCTION Learn more about your instructor, fellow lefty, Lauren, and what you’ll be learning in her class.
    • SUPPLIES OVERVIEW In this lesson, you'll go over the supplies you'll need to complete her class. Lauren will also show you supplies you can use to practice other lettering styles.
    • THE LEFTY MINDSET It's time to see the positive! In this lesson, you'll get some of Lauren's advice on how to change your feelings about left-handed lettering.
    • COMMON LEFTY PROBLEMS + SOLUTIONS Finally learn how to solve common lefty problems! Lauren will share her tips and tricks to beat these challenges in this lesson.
    • BASICS OF LETTERING + CALLIGRAPHY Let's get back to the basics. In this lesson, you'll get a quick refresh on lettering terminology, strokes, and more.
    • LETTERING STYLES Jazz up your hand-lettering with a new style. In this lesson, Lauren will show you how to write five new styles with your left hand.
    • LETTER FORMS Now that you have new styles to work with, let's talk letter forms. Lauren will go over how to write out the alphabet using various supplies.
    • MAKE IT YOUR OWN It's time to make it unique to you! Learn how to tweak styles and letter forms to create unique hand-lettered designs.
    • FINAL PROJECT You did it! Now let's use all the tips and techniques you've learned in this class to complete your final project.
    • FINAL REMARKS Go lefty! Now all you need to do is keep practicing. You've got the skills. Now go out there and use Lauren's tips and tricks to create flawless lettering projects!
  • All you need to take this class are lettering supplies and the 30-page class workbook prepared by Lauren.




    • A Welcome Note From Lauren
    • A List of Supplies
    • Start Your First Alphabet
    • Common Lefty Problems + Solutions
    • Lettering + Calligraphy Basics
    • Basic Strokes + Lefty Drills
    • Letter Form Practice Sheets
    • Different Lettering Styles
    • Making It Your Own
    • Final Project Reference Sheet

About the Instructor

Lauren Fitzmaurice

Lauren Fitzmaurice

Lauren is a left-handed calligrapher from Kentucky. She’s the founder of Renmade Calligraphy, a member of the Tombow Design Team and the co-founder of the Letter Lovelies. The goal for this online community of letterers is to share work, tips, and encouragement as you practice your lettering skills. Which is on par with Lauren’s ultimate goal: To constantly use lettering to help lift others up.

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