• Time

    35 Minutes

  • Skill Level


$9.00 $19.00

  • In this class, you’ll learn how to:

    • Understand the numbers and make the money conversation less scary
    • Track and manage your expenses using class worksheets and software resources
    • Form year-round money management habits for smooth sailing on tax day

    You’re a #girlboss who has started your first business. But now it’s time to make sure your finances are in order, right? Here to teach you how to make money doing what you love is business strategist and financial coach Shanna Skidmore. After taking her class, you’ll feel confident that your business financials are organized and on the right track.

    • Introduction
    • Understand The Why
    • Getting Setup
    • What To Track
    • How To Track
    • Create The Habit
    • Commit
    • Final Remarks
  • All you need to take this course are the class worksheets, prepared by Shanna, that are available for download after purchase.


    • Creating A Chart Of Accounts
    • Chart Of Accounts Example
    • Money Date Checklist
    • Resources

About the Instructor

Shanna Skidmore

Shanna Skidmore

Shanna is a business strategist and financial coach. Nicknamed the “dream-releaser” by her clients, she helps entrepreneurs make money doing what they love by building profitable and sustainable businesses. With her background in finance, psychology and art, her greatest joy is watching others transform their stories and build businesses and lives they love!

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