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    26 Minutes

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  • Have you ever wanted to take dreamy photos like the ones you see on travel blogger accounts? If your answer is, "Yes!" then get excited because we wanted to know how a travel blogger takes those photos too! So we teamed up with the gals from Dame Traveler to give us all the deets!

    In this course, the editor of Dame Traveler, Laura Jean, will teach you how to capture beautiful photos while you’re on vacation. Plus, you won’t need to pack any extras in your suitcase, because all you’ll need is your smartphone!

    You’ll start with the basics by learning how to use the settings on your camera phone. Then, you’ll learn how to scout for Insta-worthy locations based on where you’re going. And lastly, you’ll master how to get the perfect solo shot to help give all the wanderlust vibes!


    • Research city-specific places to take dreamy photos on your next vacation.
    • How to create visually interesting photos with angles, composition principles, and more.
    • Edit photos on some of Laura’s favorite apps like VSCO and Snapseed.

    STUDENT PERK: As an extra bonus, students who enroll in the class will get an exclusive 11-page course workbook that Laura helped create just for you!

    Ready to up your photog skills? Enroll in our Phone Photography: Capturing Your Travels online class today!

    And if you're looking for more inspo, check out some photos from Dame Traveler's community below.


    • INTRODUCTION: In this lesson, you’ll learn about your instructor, Laura, and what you’ll be learning in this phone photography course.
    • SUPPLIES: Get a quick overview of a few apps and gear you'll need to capture your photos like a pro.
    • UNDERSTANDING YOUR PHONE’S CAMERA: Learn the tips and tricks to make the most of your smartphone.
    • DO’S + DONT’S OF TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY: Learn the foolproof practices to help you achieve that perfect shot.
    • LOCATIONS, LOCATION, LOCATION: Laura goes to Alamo Square Park to show you what makes a location ideal for shooting.
    • HOW TO GET THAT PERFECT SOLO SHOT: Using some gear and a little posing, Laura will show you how to get that dreamy solo shot.
    • RETHINKING THE SHOT: Learn how to reimagine the cliche shots to make your captures unique in this lesson.
    • EDITING YOUR PHOTOS: Find out what apps a pro travel blogger users to edit her photos on the go.
    • FINAL REMARKS: Now you have the skills to find and capture travel photos like a travel blogger. So now it's time to head out into the world and start documenting!

    • Smartphone
    • VSCO app
    • Snapseed app
    • Instagram app
    • JOBY GorillaPod (Optional)


    • A welcome note from your instructor Laura
    • An app and gear overview
    • Tips on how to better understand your camera phone
    • The dos and don'ts of smartphone photography
    • How to find cool locations while traveling
    • Tips for getting that dreamy solo shot (that Dame Traveler is known for!)
    • Ways to rethink your photo so you can capture a unique perspective

About the Instructor

Laura Jean

Laura Jean

Laura Jean, editor of Dame Traveler, is a writer, blogger, podcaster, world traveler and serial wanderluster. A local to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Laura’s infatuation with travel began with her first trip to Rome. Her love affair for the world’s history, culture, and people hasn’t stopped since.