• Time

    39 Minutes

  • Skill Level



  • Learn how to expertly shoot and edit photos while on the move! In Helene’s course, Phone Photography Basics, you won’t need any fancy equipment. Using just your smartphone, you’ll learn how to capture beautiful photos on any occasion.

    With pro editing tips and a few styling tricks, you're going to own the Instagram game. How? You'll learn how to setup the trendy flat lay shot, find and shoot in natural light and make photos pop with in-app filters.

    By the end of this class, you’ll know how to:

    • Shoot and edit professional looking photos with just one tool: Your phone!
    • Capture photos on the go with a few styling tips and turn a so-so photo into an extraordinary photo.
    • Setup the popular flat lay shot and find the perfect light to really make your photos pop.

    Trust us, your Insta 'likes' are about to double!

    You can purchase this class as part of our Shutterbug Bundle along with two other classes for $75 (valued at $107).

    • Introduction
    • Supplies Overview
    • Lighting
    • Camera Settings
    • Real Shoot: Flat Lay
    • Real Shoot: Outside
    • Editing A Flat Lay
    • Editing An Outside Shot
    • Sharing On Social Media
    • Final Remarks
  • All you need to take this course are the supplies listed below and the class worksheets prepared by Helene that are available for download after purchase.


    • Smart Phone
    • A Color Story App


    • Basics for Android
    • Basics for iPhone

About the Instructor

Helene Sula

Helene Sula

Helene is a full-time blogger, photographer and digital brand strategist from Dallas, TX. She’s passionate about teaching others how to succeed online. She’s organically grown her Instagram following to over 20K using just her skills as a photographer and sharing her story. Oh, and by the way, she’s been named Dallas’ top blogger for two years in a row!