• Time

    60 Minutes

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  • From fabric choices to must-have tools, learn all the basics of sewing in this one hour class. You’ll even learn to sew three projects of your own: a napkin, a pillowcase and a maxi skirt! Walk away ready to show off your rad skills.

    Always wanted to learn to sew? Not quite sure how to get started? Have no fear, we’ve got you covered! Roxy, our resident sewing expert at Brit + Co, is going to walk you through everything you need to know to become a sewing rockstar. She’ll start by walking you through the pros and cons of different fabric types. From there, discover some of the most creative places we know to buy colorful fabrics and the right tools. Finally, you’ll learn to sew not one, not two—but three different projects. Learn to make a cloth napkin, a pillowcase and a chic maxi skirt.

    Oh, by the way, once you purchase the class, we’ll send a confirmation with a link to watch the class. Your access never expires, and you can continue to access the class from the email link or from your Orders page.

    • Fabric Overview
    • Tools You'll Need
    • Sewing Machine Basics
    • How to Sew Napkins and Pillow Cases
    • How to Sew a Maxi Skirt
  • Here's what you'll need to take the class:

About the Instructor

Roxy Taghavian

Roxy Taghavian

Roxy Taghavian is a professional maker at Brit + Co. She has been making, building and designing since she was a little girl. At six years old, she fell in love with sewing when she decided to make her own pillow. Since then she's done dozens of sewing projects including clothes, bags, costumes and household goods. You can catch some of her work on the Brit + Co site. Get ready to develop Roxy-level sewing skills in no time.

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