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    47 Minutes

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  • Have you ever wanted to learn those cool stylistic effects on lettering that you might have seen on art prints or Instagram photos? Great! Because this is the perfect class for you!

    In this Photoshop class, your awesome instructor, Cat, will teach you her workflow, shortcuts, and techniques for creating some of the most popular lettering style effects. The class will cover adding textures to lettering, using textured backgrounds, creating custom photo filters, and more! Your final project will have you using all the skills you’ve learned throughout the class to create one of the most popular effects: Hand-lettering weaving through a photo.


    • Create custom color palettes and texture libraries.
    • Add in popular stylistic effects that Cat gets asked about all of the time.
    • Create and save your own photo filters to apply to images.
    • Master weaving lettering through a photo, It's easier than it looks!

    STUDENT PERK: As an extra bonus to this 12 video lesson course, Cat has created a texture library with over 25 textures that you can use when designing in Photoshop. Students will be able to download this folder once they enroll in the class.

    Ready to up your lettering skills? Great! Because your practice final project will be the middle image below. Cool, right? So what are you waiting for? Enroll in our Stylizing Lettering in Photoshop online class today!


    • INTRODUCTION: In this lesson, you’ll learn about your instructor, Cat, and what you’ll be learning in this Adobe Photoshop course.
    • SUPPLIES + GETTING STARTED: Get an overview of all the supplies you'll need to complete the class, along with a quick tutorial on how to setup your document in Photoshop.
    • SCANNING IN HAND-LETTERING: Cat will show you how to scan in your hand-lettering and upload it into Photoshop.
    • PREPPING HAND-LETTERING IN PHOTOSHOP: Now it's time to remove the paper background for your hand-lettering scan. In this lesson, you'll follow each step to get your hand-lettering prepped for design.
    • CREATING A TEXTURE LIBRARY: Did you know that you can create your own texture library with photos you take on your phone? In this lesson, Cat will show you how to upload custom textures into Photoshop.
    • ADDING MASKS TO TEXTURES: In this lesson, you'll learn how to add textures to your hand-lettering with the use of masks.
    • ADDING IN A BACKGROUND TEXTURE: Here's another way you can use textures while designing - As backgrounds! And Cat will show you how.
    • ADDING EFFECTS TO TEXT: You'll learn how to add the most-popular various stylistic effects to your hand-lettering in this lesson.
    • CREATING CUSTOM PHOTO FILTERS: Editing photos in Photoshop? Learn how to create your own custom filters to make editing super easy.
    • WRAPPING LETTERING INTO PHOTOS: Here's your final project: You'll learn how to weave your lettering into an image for an awesome photo effect.
    • SAVING YOUR FINAL PROJECT: In this lesson, Cat will show you how to save your design for web and print.
    • FINAL REMARKS: You've got the skills! Now it's time to continue designing in Adobe Photoshop!

    • Adobe Photoshop installed on your laptop
    • Practice Files (included in your course downloads)
    • Scanner (Optional)
    • Art Brushes (Optional)
    • Ink/Paint (Optional)
    • Paper (Optional)
    • Camera on Phone (Optional)
    • Cool Surfaces to Photograph (Optional)
    • Art Papers from Art Store (Optional)


    • An exclusive 7-page course workbook
    • A practice photo for your final project
    • A hand-lettering scan you can use to practice for your final project
    • Bonus: A texture library with 27 texture assets that you can design with


    • A welcome note from your instructor Cat
    • A supplies overview
    • A link to a Photoshop shortcuts reference guide
    • How to setup your document in Photoshop
    • A Photoshop tools reference guide
    • Final projects inspiration photos

    Have additional questions? Head to Cat’s FAQ page where she’s answered all your questions about the class.

About the Instructor

Cat Coquillette

Cat Coquillette

Cat Coquillette, founder of CatCoq, is a location-independent illustrator, designer, and lettering artist who travels the world as a permanent "nomad”. She is passionate about art, education, and entrepreneurship, and she explores the globe 24/7 in search of creative inspiration for new projects and experiences to uplevel her personal and professional life.

Thanks to an array of licensing partners, you can find her designs sold worldwide on art prints, home decor items, tech accessories, apparel, and more. She partners with a variety of brands that transform her designs into best-selling products. Her work has been featured by celebrities Hilary Duff, Khloe Kardashian, Lucy Hale, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Jessica Simpson.

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