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  • Let’s make this year the best one yet! In this course, you’ll learn how to develop a planner system that finally gets you organized and helps you stay on track to hit your goals. No more half-started planners. Let’s finally figure out a planner system that works for your lifestyle!

    Based on Jessica’s experience trying out all kinds of planner setups, she’ll walk you through the pros and cons of each. You’ll learn about various planner types, get ideas for lists and trackers to include in your own planner, and inspiration on how to customize your planner with lettering, illustration, stamps, and more!


    • Pick a planner that is right for you.
    • Choose what kinds of trackers and lists to use.
    • Customize your planner with various setups and creative features to add in.

    This is not a cookie-cutter class where you’ll get a final system presented to you as a final project. Instead, Jessica wants to help you figure out what will work for you and arm you with all of info you need to make that decision.

    Let’s get started! Enroll in our Unlock Your Planner Potential online class today!

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    • INTRODUCTION: Learn more about your instructor Jessica, and what you can expect from the course.
    • BENEFITS OF JOURNALING: In this lesson, you’ll learn how using planners can help your everyday life.
    • WHAT IS YOUR WHY: What are the biggest reasons why you want to use a planner? In this lesson, Jessica will help you figure this out so you can set up a system that works for you!
    • PLANNER TYPES: There are all kinds of planners out there. Find that system that works for you based on Jessica’s pros and cons for each.
    • TRACKERS + LISTS: In this lesson, Jessica will show you all of the different ways that you can use trackers and lists in your planner.
    • PLANNING AT WORK: Let’s take some of the concepts from previous lessons and apply them for setting up a planner system at work.
    • CUSTOMIZING WITH CALLIGRAPHY + COLOR: Jessica will share inspiration on different ways you can customize your planner.
    • DIGITAL ORGANIZATION: In this lesson, you'll learn how to integrate digital methods into your planning.
    • FINAL REMARKS: You’ve learned a lot about planners. Now, take the principles you learned and this course and apply them to create a planner system that works for you!

    • The 10-page course workbook (included in your class downloads)
    • A planner of choice (optional)

    We're not asking for a ton of supplies here because this course is more about finding the right planner system for you and giving you inspiration to get started.


    • A welcome message from Jessica
    • A list of planners and supplies that are mentioned in the class (for your reference)
    • 3 questions to help you find your planner purpose
    • Figuring out your planner style
    • Pros and cons of various planners
    • Ideas for various lists you can include in your planner
    • Ideas for various trackers you can include in your planner

About the Instructor

Jessica Chung

Jessica Chung

Jessica is a blogger and hand lettering artist from Minneapolis, MN. With her background in education, one of her favorite intersections is between her passion for teaching and her pursuit of creative expression and planning. When she's not teaching or blogging, Jessica loves to explore new places, try new local ice cream or coffee shops, watch musicals, or sing in her car.

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