• Time

    60 Minutes

  • Skill Level



  • What you’ll learn in this class:

    • A refresh in calligraphy basics by practicing how to use strokes to create words
    • How to create a watercolor wash, a reverse-out lettering effect and watercolor ombre words
    • How to create three table tent cards that you can use at your gathering

    This class is taught by calligraphy pro and graphic designer Ashley Buzzy McHugh. She’s here to teach you a few calligraphy and painting techniques to take all of your DIY calligraphy projects up a notch. Not only will you learn new creative skills, but your final project will have you walking away with three colorful table tents that you can use at your next dinner party.

    • Introduction
    • Supplies + Workspace
    • The Basics
    • Watercolor Wash
    • Using Masking Fluid
    • Ombre Words
    • Final Project
    • Final Remarks
  • All you need to take this course are the supplies listed below and the class worksheet prepared by Ashley that is available for download after purchase.



    • Lowercase & Uppercase Alphabet Stroke Guide

About the Instructor

Ashley Buzzy McHugh

Ashley Buzzy McHugh

Ashley is a calligrapher, printmaker and graphic designer based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Her online shop Ashley Buzzy Lettering + Press creates beautiful bridal invitations, custom paper goods, everyday art for home and office, and more! Being married to professional baseball player, Collin McHugh of the Houston Astros, Ashley splits her time between her studio and traveling around the country with her husband’s team.