Sometimes a beauty tool pops up on the market and immediately receives cult status. Take the original聽beautyblender ($20) that launched in 2007 and became an instant classic. While the palm-sized pink sponge remains a staple in our beauty bags a decade later, a new take on the tool might have even the most loyal users making a switch.

Ladies and gents, meet the RUDELA + CO Silc/Blender Silicone-Based Makeup Sponge ($12). While it looks like a slightly sparkly, almost futuristic version of the OG beautyblender, there are actually several big differences. It鈥檚 a silicone-based applicator that isn鈥檛 actually a sponge at all (despite its name).

鈥淭he biggest benefit to using a silicone sponge is that you can use way less makeup since it doesn鈥檛 soak any of it up,鈥 founder of Lazy Perfection BrushesJenny Patinkin says. The porous nature of a traditional makeup sponge will drink up a ton of liquid product, while the non-porous silicone of the Silc/Blender stops it from moving below the surface of the tool. That said, Patinkin notes that a silicone tool will typically result in a fuller coverage. 鈥淓ven if you鈥檙e using a light-coverage formula 鈥 and less of it 鈥 silicone sponges can definitely give off a heavier application,鈥 she explains. Just start using half the amount of product you normally would, and then build it up from there using a light, quick patting motion if you鈥檙e using silicone-based tools.

If you have sensitive skin, acne, or even rosacea, you could be doing your skin a serious favor by swapping out your sponge for this option that, according to RUDELA + CO, is 鈥渄ermatologist-friendly鈥 and hypoallergenic. Since you can actually keep a silicone blender sterile, you won鈥檛 run the risk of spreading bacteria. 鈥淚f you鈥檙e prone to breakouts, you can use rubbing alcohol directly on a silicone sponge to ensure it鈥檚 disinfected,鈥 Patinkin recommends. That also means that your tool can last longer because it won鈥檛 constantly be sitting damp, like a traditional sponge would be. An ultra clean tool that鈥檚 affordable and will last longer than a makeup sponge? We鈥檙e sold.

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