Sometimes, you have no idea you’re in serious need of a particular gadget until you see it — like a smart salt shaker with built-in speakers, for instance, or an avocado tool that takes care of everything. Our newest favorite bathroom accessory has suddenly been missing from our lives for far too long, and likely Jessica Biel’s. The actress admitted that she enjoys a leisurely breakfast while bathing from time to time late last year, and now, the SipCaddy ($14) is here to help her — and the rest of us! — indulge.

This quirky little device, which was developed “by a small team of drinking enthusiasts, architects, and designers,” easily attaches to any non-porous surface in your bathroom with help from a suction cup and helps keep your favorite drink — or food! — handy at all times.

Made of clear plastic, it claims to be the “only cupholder in the world that also holds wine glasses!” It’ll also keep your “cans, plastic bottles, solo cups, [and] some coffee mugs” (!) stable. According to the product’s official description, it can resist up to seven pounds of pressure when properly applied to dry glass, mirror, and smooth tiles. You may be able to use it on brushed stainless steel and plastic shower surrounds too, but because they’re “slightly porous, the suction only lasts for a few hours to a day.”

The company does advise against using glass in your caddy, however, as no one wants to deal with the aftermath of THAT situation in the event of an accident: Ouch!

Other than that, the company is encouraging its customers to get creative and use it to prop up everything from chicken wings and dip to mini cakes and much, much more.

Sounds like a challenge we’re willing to accept!

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(Photo via @sipcaddy)