We’ve all seen the models who defy gravity as their hair billows in the wind, yet their scarves mysteriously stay in place. In the real world, it can be tricky to put on your favorite scarf, let alone prevent it from fluttering away, tousling your hair or smudging your makeup. The Skarf hears your woes and has a genius solution. It cures these fashion-induced headaches with a magnetic, reversible scarf that stays put even when you’re on the go.


Kelowna, Canada-based Reign & Gray was founded by two best friends who wanted to create a beautiful, practical and affordable scarf, without any of the hassles or hefty price tags of traditional scarves. After a year of prototyping and working with a local seamstress, they created a scarf featuring two leather-enclosed magnets that cleverly secure behind your neck to eliminate the bulky feeling of wearing a scarf.


The Skarf is as easy to put on as it is to take off. All you have to do is fasten the leather-enclosed magnets behind your neck. The Skarf and your hair will fall and remain perfectly in place, whether you’re walking in calm winds or jogging in a torrential downpour.


Because the Skarf is reversible, it lets you rock two looks with one accessory. This means you can finally consolidate your closet of wrap-around, infinity and tube scarves into one wardrobe essential that easily transitions from your morning coffee run to a late-night dinner date. Skarves are available in a variety of stunning fabrics and patterns, with luxury leather details that can elevate casual and formal outfits alike. To set the trend and snag a Skarf of your own, head over to Reign & Gray’s Kickstarter campaign and pledge $50 or more.

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(Photos via Reign & Gray)