The benefits of yoga are plentiful: It helps improve posture, it prevents stiffness and pain and allows us to breathe so much more freely. As we all know, there are few things as uncomfortable as a stiff neck after a night of poor sleeping. So imagine if the principles of yoga could be applied while you were actually catching those zzzs. Lucky for all of us, they now can thanks to a new Kickstarter, Sleep Yoga Posture Pillows.


Sleep Yoga Posture Pillows are reinventing what it means to take a nap. Inspired by the functions of yoga and developed with the help of a chiropractor, this pillow company has invented pillows meant to improve posture and circulation while you sleep. They’re actually designed to get you into the best sleep shape possible.


The team has rolled out four different types of pillows catering to the side sleeper, the back sleeper, the dual sleeper and for the times when you just want to lounge and read. These cool pillows help to keep the shoulder joint aligned and naturally reduce pressures on your elbow, wrist and hand. And we can safely assume that these pillows will also reduce the likelihood of you falling asleep on an arm (the worst!).


The Kickstarter campaign for these nifty gems has exceeded their funding goals three times and counting with over a month left. You can pledge for your own pillow starting at just $29 with products slated to ship August of this year. Back to school could now be back to sleep <3

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