With the rise of geode locks and jewel-toned hair, Instababes have been rocking OTT hues for spring. And just when you think it couldn’t get more shocking, another bold look has come front and center. Slime-colored roots are all over Instagram. Once viewed as a gross, after-pool hair color, this bright nature-inspired hue is kinda, sorta making us green with envy. Want to see if you need to give this trend a go? Check out all seven looks below.

1. Lemon-Lime Locks: Dye your strands based off your favorite lemon-lime soda, like this gorgeous hairdo. This look is best served bold with an angled bob to add a bit of edge.

2. Slime Color block: From ocean-floor blue to bright, slime green, this color-block look is to dye for (see what we did there?). For hot spring days, twist into a side plait with added flowers to keep those sweat beads at bay.

3. Green Crown: Boho princesses, rejoice! This braided crown is meant for you and your slime green hair. Pull at the braids to add volume and texture to show off the dark green roots underneath.

4. Middle Plait: Graphic color applied freehand is the way to go this season. It creates a natural waterfall effect that looks effortless and fun. Show off your shades with a center braid and intricate, trendy knots.

5. Sherbert Strands: When your pink highlights need a bit of edge, add a bit of slime into the mix. Twist into a low French braid plait during warm spring days.

6. Front Highlights: Want to brighten your face without using blonde highlights? Opt for a slime color for a funky updated take on this minimal style.

7. Green Ombre: Say so long to boring, ombre hairdos and instead rock this lime-inspired ‘do. Twist your strands with a curling iron, and run your fingers through them to achieve beachy waves that you can strut way into summer.

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