Happy bday, baby! It’s the first of many birthday celebrations that your kiddo will have, and that makes it one of the most memorable. You get Pinteresting with the party decor, come up with a few fun games for the “big kids,” and set up a Top Chef-worthy menu. And then there’s the cake. Your baby probably isn’t into lemon curd filling and spun-sugar roses; she wants something that she can smoosh, crush, and smear all over her face. That’s where the smash cake comes in. Check out these super smash cakes that your baby will absolutely adore. Oh, and they happen to look awesome too!

1. Homemade Smash Cake: Your baby’s big day deserves a wonderful sense of whimsy — there’s no reason to get super-serious about a first-birthday party. This sky cake is sweet to look at (and to eat). Just remove the cotton candy topper so that your little one can get down to business with the frothy frosting. (via Fresh Mommy Blog)

2. Ruffled Buttercream: This cake is more than just pretty, and the textured ruffles will be a big hit with your baby. In fact, the frosting on top of frosting on top of frosting is pretty rad at any age. (via Ashlee Marie)

3. The Birthday Cake: With layers of cake and chocolate frosting, this pick is perfect for a baby with a cocoa craving. Leave the sprinkles off to make it easier for baby to chew (or gum), or open it up and let her try some of the smoothness of the inside. (via Sprinkle Bakes)

4. Neapolitan Cake: It’s got something for everyone! That means baby gets three tasty treats. And, of course, a whole lot of frosting to smash all over her cute little face. (via Brown Eyed Baker)

5. Fresh Strawberry Layer Cake: This one will be a hit with the adults too. Made from a fresh strawberry puree, it’s a smooshy and simple way to treat baby on her first birthday. (via Baking Bites)

6. Wildflower First Birthday Cake: Your one-year-old doesn’t care about fancy decorations or an expertly decorated cake. If you’re looking for a treat that’s just for baby, this ball of frosting is perfect. (via Alison Moore Photography/ 100 Layer Cake)

7. Wild Rumpus First Birthday Cake: The beloved Maurice Sendak children’s book Where the Wild ThingsAre jumps off the pages and onto your baby’s party table. Create a smaller version of a “Wild Things” cake for baby — the grown ups can feast on the larger layered one! (via Alex S/ Catch My Party)

8. Hot Chocolate Cake With Marshmallow Filling: Winter not required. Your baby doesn’t need a December birthday for this one, but if she does, all the better. It’s the cake version of hot chocolate and marshmallows — without the heat, of course. (via Liv for Cake)

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