Since it first hit the scene in 2011, Snapchat has quickly overtaken the social media world 鈥 and when the app added new facial recognition lenses that allowed you to create hilariously ridiculous snaps for your friends, users聽were elated. Rainbow barf was one of the most popular memes of 2015. There were even YouTube makeup tutorials dedicated to helping you nail the look for Halloween. Snapchat struck social media gold with their lenses and some of their other features. And now they want to charge you money for it.


Users used to tune in daily to see which of the rotating lenses would be offered on the platform, and while Snapchat still provides seven of free lenses per day, they鈥檝e now also implemented a 鈥淪tore鈥 that features 30 of their most popular lenses鈥 at $0.99 each.

Most users are outraged because, frankly, a dollar is a lot to part with聽for the joy of using a single filter whenever you want.


This isn鈥檛 the first time Snapchat has tried to implement monetization of their very best features. They also announced back in September of this year that they would start charging for 鈥減acks鈥 of Instant Replays. It鈥檚 a feature that鈥檚 free only once every 24-hours.

Personally, paying real money for replays and lenses feels like too much of a鈥 fleeting pleasure.

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