If you鈥檙e a Snapchat ninja who鈥檚 clued in to all kinds of聽Snapchat tips and tricks聽+ checks out the day鈥檚 new Snapchat filters before you鈥檝e even rolled out of bed, we鈥檝e got some seriously groundbreaking news. Today, Snapchat rolls out one of their biggest updates. EVER. (Did you check out our Easter Snapchat Discover Channel聽by any chance?) They鈥檙e integrating some seriously cool new chat features today directly into the app with the hopes that Snapchat will soon become your primary source for all things chat (as if it weren鈥檛 already, amirite?)


1. Stickers: Today, Snapchat is adding over 200 stickers to their app 鈥 so prepare to get even more creative with your snaps. When you type in keywords like 鈥渓ove,鈥 Snapchat will automatically pull up corresponding stickers to add to your chat. You can also click on the sticker icon to bring up your library.


2.聽Video Notes: When you鈥檙e chatting with your pals within the app and you just have no words, you can do a quickie recording and the snap will be uploaded directly into your chat. Pretty nifty trick, eh?


3.聽Phone Calling:聽Yes, you read that right. Now you can call your besties using your Snapchat phone. Plus, phone has both audio and video options, and will notify you when someone is calling even when you鈥檙e not in the app.

And you thought your fave social media platform peaked at rainbow barf. Ha!

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