Is September too early to think about Halloween? OF COURSE NOT, DON鈥橳 BE SILLY!

There are just so many options this year: do you go for Bad Blood girl squad, Inside Out characters or just Beyonc茅 again? It鈥檚 just good sense to get started as early as possible.

Thankfully our girl Sofia Vergara is own our side and dropped some major costume inspo on her Instagram. The Modern Family star shared this picture where she鈥檚 dressed as Peg Bundy from Married With Children.


Not only does Sofia totally rock the wig and major cleave this costume, is also a funny dig at her onscreen husband Ed O鈥橬eill who was Al Bundy back in the day.

So add 鈥渟itcom wives鈥 to the list of categories to peruse when you鈥檙e looking for a costume. In the wake of the new Aaron Sorkin movie announcement you might want to channel the other famous red ead in this category, Lucille Ball. But make sure to celebrate responsibly so you can avoid having 鈥榮plaining to do.

What TV character is your spirit animal? Tell us in the comments!

(Photos via @sofiavergara)