There are a lot of tricks involved with the iPhone, whether they’re fancy features added by Apple themselves or cool ducking tricks discovered by users. These features have included the ability to double tap the home button to bring down the top of the screen (so you can reach the top one-handed) and other accessibility options. What isn’t included though is this nifty one-handed keyboard that a developer found while messing around in Simulator, a site that lets you debug apps and iOS code.

Steve Troughton-Smith says on Twitter that the feature — which has been present but hidden since iOS 8 — is accessed by a simple edge swipe on the keyboard. We saved you the trouble of trying it and can confirm that it doesn’t work — unless your phone is jailbroken. Whether or not Apple plans to release the feature before iOS 11 we don’t know, but we hope it’s soon, because texting one-handed would be way easier with a keyboard designed specifically for that.

But, Apple, if you’re listening: We would LOVE this!

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(h/t The Next Web, photo via Getty)