Forget Banksy — there’s a new anonymous artist (or group, rather) in town! At least in the city of Malmö, Sweden, that is. Except these guys (or gals?) aren’t creating works from Steve Jobs’ likeness: Their creations are better fit for a… well, a mouse.

Aptly dubbed “Anonymouse” (but not to be confused with, which protects your online privacy), the group is in the business of building baby shops and restaurants (complete with mini props) for the mice in their hood.

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A representative for the group told the Huffington Post that their works are made from things they had both lying around and collected — you know, kind of how you might envision mice to gather building materials.“The idea is for them to stick around until someone breaks them, and for them to become an organic part of the city,” the source said.

So far, so good — as they pointed out to the outlet, “Already people have started to interact with them — someone has baked miniature buns and posters have been added to the scenery.”

If you’re having flashbacks to scenes from The Rescuers, The Great Mouse Detective or Thumbelina, you wouldn’t be too far off base — the group cites Don Bluth, Disney (which has 16 live-action films coming soon!) and Astrid Lindgren as big influences.

“It’s just too darn charming to imagine a world where mice lives parallel…ours but just slightly out of sight,” the source said.

We have to say, we’re inclined to agree — these are BEYOND adorbs. Merry Christmas, Fievels!

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(h/t Huffington Post, photos via @anonymouse_mmx)