While Sophia Amoruso鈥檚 traditional Alexander McQueen wedding dress definitely surprised us, her bridesmaids鈥 totally badass dress style did not: Her four best girls rocked cape-like dresses that were custom made by the Nasty Gal design + production teams. There *had* to be something slightly non-traditional about this edgy lady鈥檚 wedding and these dresses were it.


The floor length bridesmaid dresses were a beautiful oxblood color and looked really gorgeous in her wedding photos, which were posted in Martha Stewart Weddings. The cape-like feature on each dress appeared to begin at the nape of the neck and loosely fell down each bridesmaid鈥檚 back all the way to the floor, which created a truly unique silhouette. Can you imagine the capes on these dresses blowing in the wind?! Amazing. They were truly elegant and something we鈥檝e never seen before in a wedding look. The groomsmen (and lady!) stuck to classic-looking tuxedos which paired nicely with Sophia鈥檚 traditional bridal look.


It鈥檚 important to note that these ladies were most definitely NOT wearing ridiculous Superman-like capes. These capes were a real bridal-meets-badass style moment and proved that you don鈥檛 have to stick to what you 鈥渢hink鈥 is appropriate for bridal. The dresses couldn鈥檛 have been envisioned by anyone other than (the now) *Mrs.* Nasty Gal herself: Her unique design aesthetic really shows in how different but cohesive her entire bridal party looks and we love it.

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(Photos via @sophia_amoruso; featured photo via Michael Kovac/Getty)