There’s no denying that the iPhone’s new finish is pretty (and so is the fact that it’s shipping way sooner than expected). But the cost of its appeal is the inevitable wear and tear (like scratching and smudges) it’s going to receive from daily use. It’s really a shame, because we think the phone is gorgeous and wouldn’t want to put it in a case — it was made to be pretty on its own.

According to the folks over at The Verge, the jet black iPhone is actually easier to grip than the matte black version, another reason why you wouldn’t want to put it in a case. And if it’s easier to hold, you’ll probably drop it less anyway. In theory.


The most important thing though is to remember that the jet black iPhone is every bit as hardy and durable as the other finishes; it’s still water- and dust-resistant, and everything under the hood works exactly the same. It’s purely a cosmetic issue, and one that isn’t even always obvious. The appearance of scratches and smudges is dependent on the lighting in your environment.

If you’re really concerned about the safety of your jet black iPhone but don’t want to sacrifice the look, we’d recommend a clear case. This is a sad case of you can look but you can’t touch!

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(Photos via Apple)