What鈥檚 a summer season without an epic vacay? Whether you鈥檙e headed to Paris to stay in the Eiffel Tower or you鈥檙e venturing to a more up-and-coming destination, you have to escape the heat somehow. If you鈥檙e trying to find a place to explore that鈥檚 not going to totally murder your bank account, we suggest you head over to Southwest鈥檚 website ASAP.

The budget airline dropped their famous three-day flash sale yesterday, and it includes some pretty stellar deals on domestic and international trips. You鈥檒l find a slew of roundtrip fares for under $100 and an even an international trip (from Los Angeles to Costa Rica) from $149. The deals are valid on flights starting August 23 through December 14 and, of course, they鈥檙e limited to specific days of the week.

southwest airlines

To find the best deal for your weekend away, we recommend spending some time playing with the search feature, but if you鈥檙e looking for a jumping off point, below are a few of the best deals you鈥檒l find on the site:

鈥 $49 one-way nonstop between Las Vegas and San Jose

鈥撀$49 one-way nonstop between Long Beach and Oakland

鈥撀$79 one-way nonstop between Dallas (Love Field) and Los Angeles (LAX)

鈥撀$79 one-way nonstop between Orlando and Chicago (Midway)

鈥撀$99 one-way nonstop between Indianapolis and Orlando

鈥撀$99 one-way nonstop between Houston (Hobby) and Las Vegas

鈥撀$129 one-way nonstop between Los Angeles (LAX) and Chicago (Midway)

鈥撀$129 one-way nonstop between Atlanta and Las Vegas

Just remember to book by Thursday (tomorrow!) and to plan a return flight before December 14, 2016. Happy travels, friends.

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