It may not be a Hills reunion, but we’ll take it! Spencer Pratt announced that he’s returning to MTV with a web series all about healing, crystals, and spirituality, and nothing has ever sounded so perfect.

“After The Hills ended, I hated who I became, so I set out on a new journey to find love, to heal my mind, body, and spirit — and I’m going to bring you along,” Pratt says in the first trailer for Spencer Pratt Will Heal You. The clip shows Pratt at home in a series of meditations, covered in crystals, and having fun at home with his wife Heidi.

“Here on this new series, we’re going to seek enlightenment, positive energy, and new tools that can help myself and you all love ourselves,” Pratt continued. “Sometimes you’ll be like, ‘Is this real? Is he for real?’ I’m for real. We’re all going to just get lit off of light and energy and love.”

Pratt first showed his interest in pursuing the healing power of crystals in The Hills‘ final season in 2010. Recently he tapped into their growing popularity by selling his own line of crystal kits and jewelry.

Spencer Pratt Will Heal You arrives after Pratt’s popularity has surged once again — this time as a hero and not the villain — thanks in large part to his Snapchat account. He and his wife Heidi have been candid about their bid to remain in the public eye, and have found fame overseas as reality stars on Celebrity Big Brother in the UK. He and Heidi, who welcomed their first son Gunner in October, also recently launched a podcast named Make Speidi Famous Again.

Spencer Pratt Will HealYou premieres on MTV’s YouTube on Thursday, May 31.

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(photo via Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Shorty Awards)