It’s date night, but neither of you are really up for braving the crowds at a trendy restaurant, and you’ve already seen all of the movies playing at your local theater. Time for a creative winter date night in! While it might be tempting to throw on your pajamas for another Netflix (and actually chill) night, why not try and spice things up a little bit? Think lingerie instead of pajamas, massage oil instead of that sheet mask. Trust us, you’ll thank us later!


1. Escentric Molecule 01 ($135): This perfume is formulated with a singular molecule that’s supposed to blend with your individual body chemistry to create a pheromone-like scent that’s unique to you and completely irresistible. Spritz some on to test the theory!


2. Victor & Rolf Spicebomb ($85): While you’re at it, surprise your main squeeze with a sexy fragrant gift too.


3. The Essential Scratch and Sniff Guide to Becoming a Wine Expert by Richard Betts ($20): Why go out to a fancy restaurant and have a sommelier say a bunch of things nobody really understands when you can have your own private wine tasting? Use this book to pick out a few great bottles and sip the night away!


4. Coconut Kiss Body Candle ($35): The wax in this candle can be used as massage oil — whaaaaat?! It smells like coconut, so you’ll feel like you’re in a tropical oasis. Plus, how can you not giggle at the pun-tastic name?


5. Love Letter Kit ($25): You spend so much time sending quick texts throughout the day, but do you ever really sit down to write out what you love most about each other? Get to writing, and you’ll be swooning in no time.

6. Ren Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil ($58): When using products like this, you’re not just getting in the tub; you’re drawing a bath. Bring on the old-world sexy vibes.


7. ASOS Strappy Split Front Maxi Slip ($73): Amp things up by slipping into something that could pass as lingerie or formalwear.


8. La Vie en Rose Sleepshirt ($32): On the flip side, be unexpectedly sexy in a nightie that looks like a men’s shirt.


9. 50 Shades of Chicken by FL Fowler ($2o): Are aphrodisiacs really a thing? Can chickens be sexy? Find out for yourself by trying a few of the recipes in this cheeky cookbook.


10. Battery Powered Light Star Curtain Lights ($34): Have a romantic night under the stars without leaving your house.


11. ASOS Gift Set With Hip Flask and Shot Glasses ($27): When did a few tequila shots ever hurt anyone? Okay, don’t answer that.


12. Sass & Belle Love LED Sign ($34): Get into the lovey-dovey mood with some appropriate decor.


13. ASOS Nooky Sexy Heeled Slippers ($40): Cliche? Maybe just a bit, but they’re just too amazing to pass up.


14. Selfie Kit ($23): Have a DIY sexy photoshoot with your SO. There’s no need for a pro photographer when you’ve got your own selfie kit.


15. Confessions of a Tinderella ($23): Read some online dating horror stories together for the LOLs and thank your lucky stars you don’t have to go through that anymore.

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