irish buck

St. Paddy’s day is fast approaching, and we’ll all be looking for ways to color our party drinks green. There are several green liqueurs that make it easy, but are they the right flavors for your guests? Creme de menthe is minty. Midori tastes like honeydew melon. And sour apple schnapps tastes like, well, sour apple — I mean, really, pucker up. All three have a deep enough green hue to fully color a drink, so long as the other ingredients are clear. You can also arrive at green by mixing blue and yellow. Common blue liqueurs include blue curacao and Hpnotiq, which both pair well with pineapple juice to result in a distinctly green hue. If you are an unseasoned mixologist and want to dispense with experimentation in favor of a sure-fire success, here are 12 green cocktails sure to please your guests.

Beyond color blending liqueurs, other tasty mixes will give you a faintly green cocktail that you can garnish with a slice of something distinctly green. For example, add lemon-lime soda to Irish whiskey for an Irish Buck, garnished with lime. Muddle mint, as in mojitos, and garnish with a sprig of mint or, even better, a sprig of clover. Or consider making the very glass you serve your drinks in green. These DIY mugs will class up your pot-of-gold potluck.

If you are looking for more traditional Irish Drinks to serve at your shindig, there are quite a few surprising Guinness mixes, such as a Black Velvet — champagne and stout — or a Black & Black — mix of blackberry liqueur and stout. They are not green, but they are authentically Irish.

If green is important to your theme and you love some fun party magic, check out this rainbow shots cocktail-shaker trick. Pour all the ingredients into one shaker in sequence, then pour out five shots in varying hues of green. Your guests will not believe their eyes!

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(Photo via Sugar and Soul)