Forget wearing green. This St. Patrick’s Day, it’s all about drinking green. And we mean that very literally — as in, plenty of kale and no artificial green dye. Think that sounds like a tall order? We’ve got 18 green cocktails that totally fit the bill! Made with fresh ingredients, these festive drinks will have you feeling leprechaun lucky and healthy too. Drink them straight up for a vitamin-packed pick-me-up before you get into that corned beef, or add vodka to your green juice to really get the party going. Oh, and for anyone who calls you out on your lack of green attire, just say, “Sláinte!” with your glass of green. No shame in your game.


1. Minty Kale Limeade Mocktails: This minty kale limeade mocktail is like a happy hour green juice — a touch of sparkling water makes it kind of fancy. Add alcohol at your leisure if it’s that kind of Thursday. Tequila pairs nicely. (via Yeah… Imma Eat That)


2. Cucumber Kale Vodka Spritz: Cheers to this thirst-quenching cucumber kale vodka spritz. It can be sweetened up as much (or as little) as you want with some honey, depending on how green you like your juice. (via Distillerista)


3. Cucumber Mint Gin Coolers: This take on a Tom Collins with cucumber and mint might trick your brain into thinking summer’s here. It’s not, but you can still pretend as you cheers with your girls on March 17th. (via Heather Christo)


4. Easy Cucumber Lime Punch: If you’re looking for a less sugary but equally fun party drink, opt for diet lemon-lime soda with this cucumber-based punch. Even better, add a splash of vodka and your own liquid sweetener. Now everyone’s happy! (via The Food Charlatan)


5. Sour Green Apple Jalapeño Margarita: No margarita mix needed here! This glowing green margarita knows how to stand out from the crowd. It’s made with fresh sour green apple juice and jalapeños for a tangy-and-spicy kick. (via Heather Christo)


6. The Green Caesar Cocktail: This completely savory Canadian staple tastes pretty similar to a Bloody Mary, but let it be known that this Caesar is BY NO MEANS a Bloody Mary. Got that? This Caesar gets a nutrient boost with loads of tasty green stuff like arugula, parsley and spinach. There’s no way you’re getting pinched with this drink in hand. (via Artful Desperado)


7. The Last Word Cocktail: This cocktail gets its green hue and herbaceous flavor from chartreuse, a fancy French liqueur aged with tons of plants and herbs. Shake it up with some maraschino liqueur, gin and lime juice, and you’ve got yourself a pretty fancy green cocktail. (via David Lebovitz)


8. Green Bloody Mary Recipe: Infuse your Bloody Mary with some St. Patrick’s Day spirit when you make this Mexican-inspired take. Fresh green tomatoes and tomatillos give this Bloody Mary its bright green hue. Don’t forget the salted rim! (via Platings and Pairings)


9. Cucumber Basil Daiquiri: Cucumbers and crushed ice make this rum cocktail a drink that goes down easy. If there were ever a healthy version of a slushy daiquiri, this cucumber and basil version is definitely it. (via April Golightly)

10. Green Apple Ginger Martini: Making your St. Patty’s Day drinks at home means knowing exactly what goes into your drink. Take this green apple ginger martini. It’s made with fresh green apples, ginger and lime and still boasts a natural bright green shade. (via Gourmande in the Kitchen)


11. Green Machine: Enjoy this drink’s natural sweetness and pastel green color from the addition of pureed honeydew, which adds a very mild and subtle sweetness. Add simple syrup with Stevia or sugar if your taste buds lean a bit more to the sweeter side. (via Santa Barbara Chic)


12. Matcha Green Tea Gimlet: This cocktail is anything but traditional, and it’s hard to not fall in love with the more complex flavors. Sweet matcha powder boosts the gin’s floral notes, and this green tea version of a gimlet will make you feel pretty healthy during happy hour. (via Today’s Nest)


13. Luck O’ the Irish Kombucha Champagne Cocktail: Choose a green kombucha for a St. Patrick’s Day themed cocktail with a beautiful emerald hue. Top with champagne, sprigs of thyme and drink up, you gifted bartender you. (via The Clean Dish)


14. Spicy Green Smoothie: If you’re planning on going the mocktail route, take on this spicy green smoothie for St. Patrick’s Day. Its jalapeño kick is a great substitute for tequila. An even better idea? Start your day with this smoothie, and end it with a second one – this time with that tequila you’ve been craving all day. (via JJ Begonia)


15. Green Chile Cocktail: If you can find this all-star green chile vodka from St. George Spirits that actually tastes a bit savory with notes of hot peppers, do it up! If not, some good quality vodka and a muddled jalapeño slice will do just fine in this herby cocktail. (via Honestly Yum)


16. Matcha Mojito: This matcha mojito combines two of the most refreshing drinks: iced green tea and minty mojitos. This is going to be in your new rotation of favorite drinks, so just start calling it a matchjito. Catchy, right? (via 40 Aprons)


17. Copa Verde Cocktail: This luscious green cocktail lets you appreciate the sweeter side of avocado. Juice an avocado for a creamy green drink and then pair it with agave nectar, lime and tequila (or club soda for your teetotaler friends). (via Evermine Occasions)


18. Kale and Ginger Shrub: For a refreshing, non-hangover inducing drink, try this cleansing kale and ginger shrub. Shrubs are made with vinegar, so pucker up. Fans of tart flavors, this one’s for you. (via

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Include one (or more!) of these healthy green cocktails at your St. Paddy's Day party.