If you’re hoping to win the best gift wrap prize this holiday season, there’s an important item (aside from beautiful wrapping paper and awesome gift toppers) that you best not forget. We’re talking about handmade custom cards! So today we’re going to show you how to carve your own stamps and make ugly sweater-inspired cards. Though we have to say, these are far from ugly. They’re pretty, and so cozy! We kind of want one to wear :)

Materials and Tools:

– X-ACTO knife or box cutter

– pencil

– ink pads

– carving tool

– rubber carving block

– card stock


1. Use a pencil or pen to draw the outline of a sweater on your rubber block. Then divide it into six sections as shown below.

2. Use the box cutter to carefully cut each piece out.

3. Grab your carving tool (I used a V-shaped one) and start carving a pattern in the first section. Repeat in the other five sections, varying the patterns if you want.

4. Fold your card stock in half, then try out your first stamp by pressing it on an ink pad and then evenly on the paper. Repeat with the other pieces, mixing and matching different colors.

First use a dark pencil (or pen) to draw the outline of a sweater on the rubber block. Then make some lines as shown above to split the sweater into six sections.

Next, grab your box cutter and use it to separate each section of the sweater.

And now the fun part! Using your V-shaped carving tool, very carefully carve out pieces of your rubber block to create a pattern. I like to start along the edges. Also, I had a design I wanted to create in my head, so I didn’t feel the need to draw it before carving, but you can definitely draw it first. I recommend it!

Once you’ve carved the first rubber block, repeat with the others.

Last but not least, fold a white piece of card stock in half and start stamping. Press the first stamp on an ink pad and then on your card stock. Repeat with the other pieces to create a sweater. Don’t be afraid to mix colors to create a vibrant card.

Add a personal message inside the card and pair it with adorably wrapped gifts. Your besties will be amazed!

What’s your favorite unique way to complete your gift wrap? Let us know in the comments below.