Now that winter is fast approaching, we are quickly getting back into the mode of carrying a warm drink with us at all times. The only problem with these drinks is that when you’re carrying them in a mug that promises to keep them warm, the drinks actually stay SCALDING HOT. For hours. Like, it’s impossible to drink — which kind of defeats the whole purpose. Cue: Starbucks and their new warm (not hot!) mugs.


Last year, a company called Ember Technologies ran a Kickstarter campaign for their signature mugs that allow you to control the exact temperature that your drink stays. Most coffee shops make their drinks at around 160 degrees, but most people prefer to drink theirs at about 130 degrees.

Ember’s new mug will let you turn a dial and choose your preferred temperature. It will keep it there for two hours if you’re on the go, or all day long if you keep the mug on its attached coaster charger.

However, the mug of the future does not come cheap — Ember mugs are selling at $150 on Starbucks’ website. But the ability to say farewell to burned tongues forever? Priceless.

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(h/t TechCrunch; photo via Starbucks)