It’s September, which means it’s PSL month! While Starbucks insiders are able to get their hands on PSLs starting right now, the company is teasing out all of their new-for-fall items and making us even more excited for the cooler weather, cooler colors and sweaters galore.

chile mocha

In a blog post, the company announced the latest in their cozy fall drinks with the new Chile Mocha. A twist on the classic Mocha, this one has added chile. A Starbucks take on the classic spicy Horchata of Mexico, the Chile Mocha is a little less chocolate-y and a little more spicy.

The chocolate of the Chile Mocha is infused with cinnamon, and the topping is filled with ancho and cayenne chile pepper, cinnamon, paprika, sugar and a touch of sea salt, making it rich and spicy. Your heat level will depend on how much or how little of the chile pepper you sprinkle on top. We had a chance to try the drink live on Facebook, and it was delicious.

The Chile Mocha also comes in a Frappuccino, as well as straight-up hot chocolate for those of us who might not want that espresso kick. With this new drink becoming available on Tuesday (including the addition of almond milk in select US cities), we really can’t wait for this last long weekend of summer.

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