It made be hard to believe, but the first Twilight film came out 10 years ago, way back in 2008. That’s why the story’s author, Stephanie Meyer, is celebrating the big anniversary by reflecting on the film’s popularity — as well as revealing some behind-the-scenes details about the beloved movie, which starred Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

“The first time I was on set was the cafeteria scene where Bella sees Edward for the first time,” the author said while chatting with E! News at a recent event for the movie. Recalling the scene where the main characters first notice each other during their lunch break at school, Meyer revealed that it wasn’t the young actors that held her attention, but everyone else around her.


She explained, “My biggest impression the first time I was there was how many people were there, because I hadn’t been on a movie set before. I didn’t realize it took hundreds and hundreds of people to make that happen.”

“To feel like they were all there for me, for my story, was really overwhelming. It was exciting,” she continued. “I mean, when I wrote this I didn’t think anyone was going to read it but me and maybe my sister and then maybe my mom if I was feeling okay with that. But to think that so many millions of people have read my stories and many more than that have watched the movies. And who could have expected that? It’s amazing.”

She also talked about the film’s fans, saying that even 10 years later they’re still “genuinely interested” in the movie, adding that “they’ve always been lovely… and friendly and warm and kind.”

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