Bookmarks were one of those things that used to get us excited as kids (“3D” animal holograms FTW) but, like Pogs, they lost their appeal after a while. Dog-eared pages and torn scraps of paper sufficed for English class, Post-It notes got us through college and eBooks changed the way we read entirely. But someone always comes up with a way to take something old and make it new again.

Check out Sticky Page Markers, the colorful layering bookmarks with a no-nonsense name. Each pack includes 20 sheets, and they come in a variety of miniature landscapes and cityscapes. (We’re all over that London one!) Like everything awesome these days, Stickies came to life after a Kickstarter campaign. Creator Duncan Shotton says, “The concept design for these little bookmarks came from thinking about what they could become, not just as charming things on their own, but as a group.” The more you layer and the more books on your shelf, the fuller your micro world becomes.

We can definitely see these being useful, even if you’ve made the switch to eBooks. Just picked up the latest celebrity cookbook? Save your favorite recipes with Stickies. Need to obtain lots of signatures on some important legal docs? Sign on the dotted lineGodzilla sticker and boom: Boring office tasks just became way more fun. Studying up for a big med school exam? All of that dense material now looks so much cuter.

Sticky Page Markers retail for just £3.95 each plus £3.45 for delivery, so about $11 all in all. Duncan even sends a hand-signed note with every order, so you know you’re getting it directly from the designer.

What other mini landscapes would you like to see in Sticky Page Marker form? Tell us what you think in the comments!

(Photos via Duncan Shotton Design Studio)