If you thought blue hair has had its heyday, hang onto your hat, sister. Denim hair is here — and the look is like a rock revival. From indigo to stone wash to acid wash, here are 12 denim hairstyles that prove that blue hair rocks on.

What hue of denim hair you choose could say a lot about you:

  • Classic Indigo. You don’t mess around. When you take a risk, you go all the way.
  • Stone Wash. A dreamy, creative type, you have a secret fascination with all things vintage. You don’t worry about what’s in fashion. You know that if you are feeling it, you can pull it off.
  • Double-dipped. You crave drama. It’s not enough to go denim, you want the ends to pop. Everyone is looking at you. And you love it.
  • Acid Wash. Like Peter Pan, you will never grow up. Rock on.
  • Bright Blues. At heart, you are classy — and the practical one among your blue-haired pals.
  • Ombre. You keep improving yourself. Every iteration of hair color thrills you more than the one before.

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(Photo via @Guy_Tang)