In case your ears need to hear a different tune than what’s playing on Pandora or Spotify, may we turn your attention to a podcast or 11? From comedy to mystery to science, podcasts can surprise us, educate us or make us laugh ’til we cry. If you’re not already fully immersed in this audio world, may we present to you 11 storytelling podcasts that cover everything from shared stories between strangers to the investigation into a 1999 high school murder. Take a listen.

1. This American Life: Hosted by Ira Glass, This American Life airs interesting true stories of everyday people. The simple concept of good old fashioned storytelling is what makes this one of the most popular podcasts around. Where should you begin? Check out its favorites page for a just a taste of all the goodies it holds.

2. Serial: This spinoff of This American Life is like CSI and Law & Order in podcast form. Airing once a week, each episode follows a journalist’s investigation into the 1999 murder of a high schooler. It’s addictive, so if you want to join us, start at episode one.

3. The Moth: Dedicated to the art and craft of storytelling, The Moth features live and unscripted tales. Each show has a theme that the storytellers explore. Take a look at their most listened to stories.

4. Everything Is Stories: This goes outside the story box and delves deep into unconventional narratives. According to Everything is Stories, no story is considered too troubled and no atmosphere is too strange. Explore this podcast with the story picture above called the Current With the Past.

5. StoryCorps: Interested in relationships and connections among people? StoryCorps interviews two people, anyone from couples to strangers, and discovers the common story they share. You can even record your own story and submit it to their site. Here’s a panel of their most popular interviews.

6. Otherppl: Calling all book lovers. If you haven’t listened to Otherppl, you need to start. Hosted by author Brad Listi, this podcast airs two new in-depth interviews with authors a week. Head on over to its episode guide to browse what’s in store.

7. True Story: You know that one story you love sharing at parties and telling over and over again? Submit that to True Story, which will broadcast your story for all to hear. Don’t be shy. Here’s how to join the party.

8. Poetry Foundation: All you slam poets out there, this one’s for you. From the classics to new work, Poetry Foundation makes those rainy days even cozier. Pair some of their featured poems with Rainy Mood and you’ll never want to leave your house.

9. UnFictional: You know how you go from one episode to the next when you’re binge watching Scandal? This podcast creates the same effect. UnFictional is a program of storytellers and documentaries that captivates interesting human experiences. Don’t know where to start? I Knew You Back Then explores old friends and past crushes and where they are now.

10. Penguin Podcast: What’s a great story without a great book? Penguin Podcast features a new theme each week, like mother nature or art and design, and incorporates published Penguin books to provide written work beyond the audio.

11. Risk!: Ever shared a story you thought you’d never tell? Well, so have these people, and they’re telling those stories live and in public. Hosted by comedian Kevin Allison, Risk! brings fellow comedians, like Michael Ian Black, Lisa Lampanelli and Patton Oswalt to the stage with stories they wouldn’t share in their comedy routines.

Add to the list! What are your favorite storytelling podcasts? Let us know below!